Invest in the Proper Tools to Keep Employees Safe and Efficient

Deburring tool

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than a million people suffer back injuries at work every year. While there are lots of reasons why this might happen, lots of them are sure to stem from heavy lifting, either over a long period of time or in a freak accident. Either way, keeping employees safe has to be one of the highest priorities for companies who depend on high performance and production to thrive. Without doing so, they might find that lots of workers are suffering injuries that are not only making it difficult for them to complete their projects, but also suffer when they are not at work.

In order to prevent back injuries from happening to their employees, companies might want to provide Destaco grippers and lifting magnets, to ease the burden of heavy items. Grippers can be used to lift Continue reading

Think You are Aware of the World Around You? Four Fixtures You Never Notice

Pvc plugs

If I told you that you often encounter nylon zip ties and similar hardware, would you believe me? The truth is, we encounter many different tools and fixtures on a daily basis without fully realizing our interactions with them. Nylon zip ties, as an example, are used in packaging for children’s toys, and also at construction sites to fix temporary fencing elements in place. Here is a quick list of four useful fixtures you encounter all the time, that might surprise you.

1. Concealed Hinges

Ever wonder why some doors have really obvious, visible hinges, while the doors to your cupboards seem to hide them? This is due to hidden, or concealed, hinges. A hinge is an object that connects two different objects and allows the Continue reading

When Looking for World Business Look At CNN World Business Today

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When in the mood for business news from around the world, you only need to venture to one place on the internet. Check out CNN World Business today. There you can find video reports from your favorite CNN Business reporters, as well as CNN business articles for written content.

The website for CNN Business News is laid out perfectly for both the casual browser and the dedicated business news enthusiast alike. On the left of the page you will find the top video business posts. Nestled next to that, in the center of the page, is a selection of the current top business stories. This selection of links is ever changing as news is added. And on the right side of the page are a few of the more recent posts from the CNN Blog Business 360. That is enough to keep you busy for some time, with plenty of stories, content an Continue reading