A Small Business Loan Can Help Your Company As It Starts Out

Small business capital loan

If you are applying for a business loan, you know how crucial acceptance of your request can be to the future success of your company, particularly if you are just starting out. Although each month sees 543,000 new companies begin, among businesses with payrolls, more close than open, according to Forbes. Seventy percent of new companies with employees get past their first two years of existence, but only 25% are still around after 15 years.

In order to remain solvent, it is sometimes necessary to get small business loans. Whether you are looking specifically for medical practice loans or Continue reading

Payroll Solutions Provide Answers For Understaffed Offices

Employee payroll

Why should your company use payroll programs to manage business finances? Outsourcing payroll operations can offer small businesses a lucrative, cost effective alternative to managing payroll in house. Outsourcing payroll with small business payroll alternatives relieves the time employees spend on payroll, determining tax obligations, processing checks and providing staff reports.

Payroll programs can offer services such as automated company signatures and checks with branded logos, envelope stuffing and direct deposit of money. Payroll programs also offer incentives like retirement plans, automatic paycheck deductions and more.

Because tax rules are always changing, it can be easy for companies to overlook or improperly handle taxes. Smart payroll solutions or payroll outsourcing can help alleviate erro Continue reading

Where Does the Future of the Tech Business Lie?

Cnn business reporters

According to CNN world business today is more invested in technology than ever before. Many of the CNN business articles right on the front page of the CNN business news are pieces about technology. You’re less likely to find CNN small business articles than you are to find about new safety measures from Norton Antivirus, or spec details about the new iPad.

Some of the latest CNN business articles give readers an insight into the technology industry. With that information, it’s possible to make better decisions for business, because these CNN business articles indicate which direction technology will go next. The faster a business follows technology, the faster it can beat the competition.

A few of the latest CNN business articles note that while Google’s stocks increase, many are questioning the pe Continue reading

How to Find the Best People for a Sales Career Path

Sales recruiters

Any successful business has a successful team of sales people. After all, sales reps are the bridge between business partners, customers, and your business. If you hire a sales rep who does not understand the ins-and-outs of your business and the needs of your clients, your business will have a hard time competing in the crowded waters of business.

The State of the Industry%3Cbr%3E

There are over 22 million sales people in North America. Frankly, less than half of those have what it takes to build lasting connections and make your company the money it needs. For this reason, sales team turnover is over 40% annually. Did you know that hiring sales reps who have no idea what they are doing can cost your company six to 10 times their base salary? As can be seen, the sales industry is overcrowded, Continue reading