The Keys to Customer Service How to Win Customers and Keep Them

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When running a business that sells good or services, it is important to remember that the job of the provider does not end at checkout. Being available for customer support and assistance after the purchase is essential to earning and maintaining customer rapport and trust. Ensuring that customers return and report satisfactory experiences to other consumers is integral to the success of your business.

Follow these basic guidelines to maintain serious customer service practices are your buisness:

1. Real Voices Matter
Heavily scripted calls eliminate two essential ingredients to the customer service experiences — empathy and emotion. In fact, 80% of customers prefer to contact CS representatives over the phone. By eliminating the machine, you are showing your Continue reading

Even A Simple Spark Can Start A Fire Tips On Staying Safe

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Have you had your fire sprinkler system checked recently? Fire hazards are numerous and complex disasters, with something as simple as a misplaced spark or faulty wiring capable of causing major damage to both people and the environment. A fire alarm contractor is a trained professional who can both inspect as well as install everything from commercial fire alarms to new sprinkler systems in your work or home area of choice, alongside providing tips on safety and maintenance throughout the year. Below is some simple information on the ins and outs of a fire sprinkler system, the difference between a fire alarm and sprinkler and how a little extra protection ca Continue reading

Current Trends in Customized Packaging Design

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Plastics have come a long way. Once looked down on as being bad for the environment, new flexible packaging can carry more with less. A plastic, gallon container for milk weighs about 30% less now than it did just two decades ago. To move 10 gallons of liquid, you need only 1.5 pounds of plastic. Newer resealable packaging for food keeps its contents free from contaminants and keeps it fresh to make sure less waste ends up in landfills. Every one pound of plastic packaging keeps 1.7 pounds of food waste out of landfills. By using customized packaging design, you can help Continue reading

How To Save Money, And The Environment With the Way You Manage Your Energy

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Among the rent or mortgage payments, the exorbitant cost of food, medical, gas, car insurance, and water bills, the monthly energy bill can really get you down, especially during the winter. If you are an average American living in an average household, chances are that your monthly electric bill will cost around $107.

The worst part is that it may seem like there is no room to cut back in this area. However, you are incorrect. There are many ways to seriously cut back on energy bills, and there is an added bonus. The less energy you use in your house, the less fossil fuels will be burned, and the better for the Earth.

Here are a couple of easy strategies to do something good for your pocketbook and the environment:

1. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
You’ll be surprised how Continue reading

How Trenchless Repair Methods Could Save You Tons of Money and Hassle

Cured in place pipe

I thought I was having a really bad day when I notice dirty water was seeping out of my lawn, but as it turns out, that was only the beginning of my troubles.

When I had a sewer repair company come out to take care of it for me, the first thing they did was to dig a canyon in my front yard. I knew they would have to do some excavating to get down to the pipes, but I had no idea I was going to lose the majority of my front lawn.

It wasn’t until after weeks of seemingly endless and expensive restorative work that I learned about trenchless repair methods, even though they came on the market around 15 years ago. After doing some research I discovered how muc Continue reading

The Pros of Choosing an Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Service for Your Business

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You have a successful business. You have your product displayed online and you are receiving orders. In fact, you are receiving so many orders per day that you have come to the time to make a decision. Should you continue fulfilling your orders in house, or should you begin outsourcing your orders to an Ecommerce order fulfillment company? This is a decision that many online businesses must make, and the pros and the cons needs to be evaluated before a final decision is made. There are many pros to choosing an Ecommerce fulfillment company for your business shipping needs.

Eighty percent of the online population has purchased something using the i Continue reading

Benfits of Digital Advertising With Custom Signage

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We have come a long way from the days of the neon “open” signs being the only sign in front of just about every business. We still have those signs today, sure, but we also have much more creative sign designs and the ability to use digital advertising directly on our property. This enables sign manufacturers the ability to create specific signs for your business, whether you need one custom sign to go on top of your building, a few ADA compliant signs to be placed across your property, or a campaign for real estate advertising signs.

Over the next Continue reading

How to Restructure Your Company and Do It Well

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So your business needs a facelift. Maybe sales have been dropping or there’s been a scandal or you simply want to get a fresh perspective on things. But how do you go about trying to restructure without causing panic? You want your trusted and loyal employees to feel secure in their jobs and incentivize them to stay, despite the minor unrest. To keep everything as smooth as possible during the restructuring, you should call in restructuring consulting, which can help you stay on track, offer guidance and end up maximizing the value you should have had a long time ago. Whether you’re revamping a specific department (or departments) or the entire company, restructuring consulting can help you through the whole process with their expert knowledge and experience.
What Is a Restructuri Continue reading

5 Skills You Need to Have to Sell Products and Services Effectively and Well

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Although the days of the traveling salesman and door to door marketing are gone for the most part — at least among bigger corporations — sales career opportunities abound. Businesses always need good sales people and there are whole sales recruitment firms dedicated to hiring and finding the best people available. Personal contact is one of the most important aspects about founding a business, encouraging relationships that grow and flourish between a business and their consumers, and helping the business flourish in the first place. Salespeople are the first line of business in that sense — they hear the customer’s needs, concerns, and desires, and find a way to match what the company offers to that customer. Continue reading

Prevent Credit Card Fraud with These Tips

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People love to pay for things with a credit card. In April 2013, it was esitmated that there were at least 278 million Visa cards in the United States alone and about 522 million on the planet. That same year people in the U.S. spent $4.6 trillion with debit and credit cards (total spending was $8.6 trillion). If you want your business to thrive, not taking credit cards is not an option. One problem they create, however is the opportuntity to defraud companies. Credit card fraud costs businesses, credit card companies and other millions of dollars each year. In 2014, this kind of fraud cost the U.S. economy $16.31 billion, this represents a 19% increase from 2013. Some sales are harder to monitor than others, the card not present transaction is one of them. Merchants do have ways to prevent credit card fraud f Continue reading