Old-School With a Twist How Full Color LED Signs Can Increase Sales

Commercial business signs

If you own your own business, you want to be standing out from the rest of the brick-and-mortar stores. You need something different that can lend you a little pizzazz. You might be at a loss for how to achieve that effectively without spending oodles of money. Advertising your business can feel like a full time job in it of itself, and you’re worrying about running the business, after all! Luckily for you, there’s a simple way to really stand out — try investing in full color LED signs or electronic signs for business. Everyone has a plain sign that advertises where they are, but something in full color or a marquee sign will certainly catch someone Continue reading

3 Reasons Government Proposal Pricing Software Can Help Your Business

Proposal pricing software

In a communist or socialist state, governments generally don’t have to pay or even ask for products and services from private businesses. They take what they want “for the betterment of the people.” At least that’s what’s supposed to happen, idealistically. Unfortunately, as has been evidenced throughout history this is never how it works out.

Fortunately, in the United States businesses are allowed to compete in a free society under free market principles. As opposed to the government merely taking what they deem fit, they must procure, or purchase these goods and services. The way they do that in America is though federal government proposals. Bidding on government contracts c Continue reading

How Safe is Running an Online Business? All You Need to Know About Fraud and How to Avoid it!

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When expanding any business into the world of the internet, most people simply assume that because there are no physical items to be stolen or damaged, that it’s safer than a physical building. While sustaining physical damage to your products isn’t a problem when running a business online, it becomes dangerous for other reasons, mainly credit card fraud.

When you purchase something at a store and physically slide a credit card or pay with cash, that’s known as a secure payment. It’s secure because your payment, as well as the goods you’re purchasing, are both physically available. In addition, you can see right away whether or not the sale has gone through, and it’s difficult for anyone to steal information from a card that’s in your hand. But with card not present (CNP) transactions online, steal Continue reading

Get Your New Pharmaceutical Product Approved Quicker with the Right Packaging

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For most products, using the right packaging is important to keeping the items safe as they make their way to the store but also in terms of marketing. Unlike other products, anytime you have medications, there are additional rules and regulations regarding their packaging. Blister packaging is often used for pharmaceutical products. It can incorporate foil and PVC materials to make it more durable but also uses lamination that can be peeled open to make it easier for patients to open. This kind of packaging can also be ideal to keep the medication safe and secure from damage. When a pharmaceutical company is working on a new product, the packaging is an important Continue reading

What to Do if You are Stuck in an Elevator

Commercial elevator

When I was younger, my classmates and I were on a field trip and we got stuck in a commercial elevator. We were in there for a good few hours until the elevator repair company showed up and did whatever an elevator safety company does and get us out of there. It would have been helpful for the one teacher that was with us to know what to do in that kind of situation. She panicked and hyperventilated and it didn’t help anyone inside that commercial elevator to remain calm. Residential elevator services admit that residential lifts are not as scary because Continue reading

5 Steps to Designing Compelling Trade Show Exhibits

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Each year, over $24 billion is spent by U.S. trade show exhibitors on their custom exhibits and booth designs. According to B2B Magazine’s “2014 Marketing Outlook” study, events are the second largest are of growth in media spending, falling just behind digital marketing. Considering on average, U.S. trade show visitors will spend over 9 hours viewing exhibits, it’s in your best interest to make sure your custom exhibits catch and capture their attention. To do this, look first and foremost at your graphics.

Here’s how to design custom exhibits for your next trade shows that will keep viewers coming closer to learn more:

  1. Answer the three w’s and how.

    Before beginning to design your booth, it’s a good idea to take a minute to make sure you have a strategy for h Continue reading

Five Rules for Creating an Effective Car Wrap

Tips for great car wrap advertising

Our society is absolutely saturated with marketing; consumers are generally so accustomed to advertisement that their brain naturally tunes it out. Billboards have the same impact of neutral-colored wallpaper. They use commercials on TV to take their bathroom breaks. They flip right past magazine ads. Marketers have to get really creative in order to catch the consumer’s eyes. This is why marketing with vehicle wraps is becoming one of the fastest growing marketing tools.

Not only does marketing with vehicle wraps expose consumers to your advertisement while they are on the road and have nothing else to look at, the uniqueness of marketing with ve Continue reading

Two Superstars and One Super Store Team Up to Help Those in Need

The best charities to donate to

Two celebrity icons are teaming with with a mega corporation and donating clothing to charity.

Elton John and Lady Gaga are now collaborating with Macy’s for a charity clothing line.

Washington’s Top News reports that the two musicians — who have teamed up on several occasions for musical performances — are now joining together in the fashion industry to help charity organizations.

Love Bravery is the limited-edition clothing line released by Sir Elton and Lady Gaga that will be available at Macy’s this spring and later this year will be available across the world.

Wholly 25% of the purchase price will go to two charity foundations: Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Elton’s AIDS Foundation.

Love Bravery will feature shirts, sweats, and outerwear, to scarves, ke Continue reading

3 Tips to Help You Stick Out At a Trade Show

Trade show display exhibits

So you are going to a trade show to promote your small business. You are planning on gaining perspective customers, putting your face out there, and demonstrating your product. But, in order to generate leads you have to stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds of other companies at the trade show, so your goal is to make your customer remember you. Follow some of these tips to help you stick out from the crowd.

Be different!

A consumer at a trade show spends on average nine and a half hours viewing exhibits. So not only does your exhibit design have to be distinctive, so does your clothing! If you are promoting a business that has to do with sports, Continue reading

Hire the Clever Way When You Use Sales Recruiting Firms

Sales recruitment agencies

Have you ever heard the saying “Money makes the world go round?” As much a we’d like to think that’s not true, it remains a staple of doing business. Sales and marketing are an important part of almost every industry, driving sales and presenting their company in a specific light that can help boost revenue. However, finding good sales people can be tricky — you need a good mix of confidence, charisma, and persistence to do well in sales. Finding someone that connects well others both in your industry and company and with clients can feel like an impossible task, especially considering that studies have shown that around 40% of sales will miss the quota they’re given, a little over 20% are untrainable, and only a small percentage — 10% — will provide the company with a return on investment. Howev Continue reading