3 Changes Happening Right Now to the Traditional Office Workplace

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The business world is changing — and this means that the environment of the business world is changing as well. Forty years ago, the scene was pretty ubiquitous. Employees came to work from 9 to 5 in the same office with their coworkers, five days a week, then went home again. Although this is still the model for many companies, it is rapidly falling as the accepted ?standard.?

The effect of changes to the workplace are wide ranging. It can affect everything from how employees feel about their jobs (and how long they stay at them), to the price of commercial rent in cities across the country.

So what, exactly, is going on? Let?s review.

The Rise of Work From Home

In 1990 if you said you worked from home, you were basically saying you either ran your own business, or Continue reading

Stand Out From the Crowd With a Digital Business Sign

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Making your business stand out from the crowd can often seem overwhelming, especially with the rise of social media pushing advertising and marketing campaigns. Small business owners especially may find themselves wondering how to set themselves apart from the crowd and how to attract notice. For a brick and mortar store, simply having an eyecatching sign, such as digital signs for business or a scrolling marquee sign could do the trick. Even though the Internet is a powerful marketing tool, people are still out and about in their everyday life, and pass a number of businesses every day. Funny, colorful, or unusual signs are more apt to catch their eye, make them stop, Continue reading