There’s Still a Time and a Place for Personalized Sympathy Cards

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There are some things that the internet just can’t do. Email, for example, has become such a rote part of our daily work lives that it can be difficult to convey anything truly meaningful through it. Some 70% of Americans still say that regular old snail mail is more personal than the internet.

When it comes to delicate situations, then — say, the death of a loved one — personalized sympathy cards are still the appropriate way to send your condolences if you can’t be there in person. Where an email can come off as trite or impersonal, personalized sympathy cards truly show that you’ve taken the time and effort to think about the person you’re sending Continue reading

Information All Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Need

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Marijuana for medical use is now legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. Nearly 76% of doctors say they see positive benefits from the use of medical marijuana, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. At least 92% of patients are happy with the results they get when using medical marijuana as opposed to other treatments. Medical marijuana consulting firms have the following tips for people who are managing dispensaries. It is important for people who are considering starting a medical marijuana business understand them.

You have to develop a reasonable compliance program to prevent anti-money laundering.

While medical marijuana is legal in some areas, the federal government still has laws on the books against it. That means, in a nutshell Continue reading

6 Reasons to Consider Using a Virtual Office Space

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More and more employees work from someplace other than their company’s offices. The option to work remotely is viewed as a real perk for about 80% of employees today. Working remotely is also viewed as a great way to be productive by 67% of workers. Employers like it as well. Telework has been found to reduce attrition by 46% of all employers. If you are looking for space office solutions for your company, you may want to consider using a virtual office rather than a traditional one.

The 6 Benefits of Using a Virtual Office:

  1. You get a great “office” location at half the co Continue reading

Do You Need Help With Your Medical Marijuana Facility Design?

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Starting a medical marijuana business is a complicated venture but one that offers huge profits. From choosing your location and the type of cannabis plant you will grow to your medical marijuana facility design to marketing and fulfilling legal requirements, there are almost too many factors to keep track of for one individual. Medical marijuana firms offer their know-how across a number of fields, including how to set up your medical marijuana operations, marketing and how to meet the requirements of conflicting state and federal laws.

Choosing your medical marijuana facility design
There are many different f Continue reading

3 Awesome Ways to Use an LED Sign for Your Church

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Is your congregation dwindling? Or perhaps you have noticed new people moving into your area but they haven’t come to inquire about when your next service is? Maybe you just want another way to grow your community. Well, maybe a church marquee sign is a good strategy to try.

Perhaps you don’t have a sign at all and are wondering why they are so important. Maybe you heard a rumor about the great return on investment that LED signs have. But it’s not clicking. Did you know that 35% of customers wouldn’t have found a business if they didn’t have a sign? Or that 85% of a business’s patrons live or work near it (within five miles, to be specific)? More than a third of people look at an outdoor sign most of the time when they pass it.

So what do those random facts mean? They’re mostly ab Continue reading

Uploading to the Cloud Safety in an Increasingly Connected World

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It used to be that all of the information that we would need to look up would be found in encyclopedias and reference books in libraries. Phones hung on walls and had one function: communication. Pictures went from film to paper to photo albums on shelves. Important data could be found in documents in filing cabinets. Games were played on boards or outside with nothing but imaginations to progress the action.

And then times began to change, technology began to develop and quickly advance, and all of these things and more became condensed into machines that could basically do it all. But then there was only so much room in which each of these devices could store data, so the cloud was born and cloud brokerage services became a vital addition to the tech world.

What cloud bro Continue reading

Dos and Don’ts for Trade Shows

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Trade shows are crucial for any small business owner for promoting their products and services. In light of the big day, there are some things to keep in mind in order to be fully prepared. Here are some trade show Dos and Don’ts to be aware of.


Have goals

It is important to know exactly what you are getting into and why you are doing it. Think about what you hope to accomplish when you go, do you want to focus on getting your name out there or do you want to focus on making actual sales? Are you looking for serious investors, or are you looking to figure out the competition? Keeping these goals in mind is pivotal to the overall success of the trade show, as it will help you properly plan.

Get a good booth spot

Location is everything Continue reading

Concrete Has Been Used for Thousands of Years


Concrete is one of the most basic and versatile materials used in construction today. It also has a long history going back thousands of years. For strength and durability, it hasn’t been matched. It can be put to many different uses – homes, bridges, roads and driveways (asphalt is a type of concrete), parking lots, dams and canals. Once set, it can last for up to 50 years, needing only minor repairs along the way.

Concrete has been used for thousands of years
The history of concrete goes back thousands of years. It basically consists of abrasives in a binding cement, which dries to a waterproof hardness. Its origins are unknown but it was most widely used in the ancient world by the Romans, whose impressive feats of civil engineering were based on its properties.
The bridges Continue reading

Protecting Your Commercial Establishment From Fire Hazards — Fire Safety Engineering Companies

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If you are a business owner, you would know that for any business, ensuring airtight safety and security at your business premises is a paramount requirement if you want any kind of peace of mind. Commercial establishments need the very best of safety and security systems as there is not just a lot of important information, products and electronics at stake, but also the lives and good health of hundreds who work in these establishments. Among the many different possible hazards that can happen on the premises of a business or a commercial public area, one of the most common is fire. Fires can happen any time, and being prepared is the key to being safe. For this reason, scoping out fire protection engineering companies can be a great way to ensure that your business environment remains safe and sound d Continue reading

4 Ways Child Care Programs Foster Healthy Development in Kids

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Today, less than one-third of American children have a full-time stay-at-home parent. This means that more children are participating in child care programs than ever before. While some parents worry that this time apart may be harmful to their parent-child relationship, it has been proven time and time again that pre-school and other child care facilities aid in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children.

Four Ways Child Care Programs Foster Healthy Development in Kids

  1. Safe environment: Good pre-schools design their facilities to allow children to safely explore their surroundings. This allows them to build confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Some classrooms set up ?discovery centers? that encourage children to take a hands-on app Continue reading