5 Tips to Help You Win When Bidding on Government Contracts

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You are in the market of federal contracting, and you want to win with the best proposal creation you can come up with. Here are some tips that will help you to win when you are bidding on government contracts.

Be the early bird and get the worm!

It is no secret that there will be a lot of competition on one contract. So in order to get the started on the best footing, start your proposal pricing as early as you can. The earlier the better, as that will help you organize your project management teams along with giving your technical team the best data available. The Continue reading

A Brief Primer on the Prototype Circuit Board

Printed circuit board prototype

They are in all devices and products that have electricity running through them but you may not know much about them. The prototype circuit board was an incredibly important development for most of what we use today. The market for prototype circuit boards expanded globally to almost $60 billion in 2012. This represented a 1.7% increase over its value from 2011.

Explain the Prototype Circuit Board

prototype printed circuit boards exist to electrically connect and support different electronic components. Conductive tracks and tracks that are etched from copper sheets that have been applied to a non-conductive surface are used. These can be made in three different varieties. They can be single sided, double sides or mult Continue reading

Why the Need of a Commercial Security System is so Real for Small and Large Business Owners

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If you’re in the business of owning a business — whether it’s small or large — then you know exactly how hard business owners work to make a living and pay their employees, all the daily challenges business owners have to contend with, the work it takes to advertise your business and market its services, and expense of running a business itself. It’s extremely gratifying and rewarding work, but it’s also hard work as well. Starting a business and a fierce entrepreneurial spirit is major part of the American dream and it’s what drives many foreigners to come to the United States, just as they did generations and generations ago.

Just walk down the main street of any American town, and you’re likely to see small businesses lining the streets and corners, as well as nestled into the areas such as strip Continue reading

CNC Tools Give Manufacturers More Reliability

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In the world of cutting tools, CNC means the end product will closely match the CAD. Computer numerical control (CNC) gives great results in accordance to the computer-aided design (CAD) plan because the machine does not rely on wheels or levers operated by hand. CNC cutting machines work exceedingly well for most work orders, but are not suited to cut every work piece under the sun.

To cut is to remove material from the workpiece by shear deformation. It can be difficult to achieve a high level of precision when cutting by hand, and near impossible when the workpiece is made of a particularly durable material. CNC machines do not perform just one function like an assembly line. A CNC program can produce a highly automated design wit Continue reading

How Many Signs Do You Think You Read in a Single Day?

Scrolling marquee signs

I Think I Love You!
Starring Chris and Anita
The black two-foot tall letters centers on the marquee signs of the downtown Opera House announced the evening?s coming attraction. After a 4:00 pm wedding at the largest Lutheran church in town, the newly married couple, along with their family and friends, would move to the Opera House for their dinner, reception, and dance. Eleven months earlier, the same marquee sign helped the soon-to-be groom announce propose to his soon-to-be bride.
Marquee Signs Help Your Message Have Impact
Church marquee si Continue reading