Plastic Closures On Medicine Bottles Can Save Lives

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In the United States today there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who take medicine on a daily basis. The more often that doctors prescribe medicines to be taken for either the short term or the long term, the more likely it is that there can be accidental ingestion. This can manifest itself in the form of an accidental overdose by the patient, by someone who is intentionally wanting to harm himself, or by a child who has found a way to get into the bottle. Bottle security is a top priority for bottle manufacturers who strive to lower these risks for an accident with every new packaging plan. Something as simple as the proper plastic closure could reduce these risks tremendously.

We are a society that has benefited greatly from the development of medicine over the years. Continue reading

How Safe Is the Workplace Where You Are Employed?

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It is a sad story.
The 42-year old husband and father of three was painting the two story entryway to his home. His wife and daughter were gone for the weekend and his two sons were outside in the yard. In fact, the husband planned the project when he knew that his wife would be away from home. The ladder placement was precarious and the job really should not have taken too long. It was such a small job, in fact, that the husband refused to hire anyone to come in and finish the project.
All was going as planned. Right up until the time when it was not. It happened quickly. The painting husband leaned just a little too far to the right, the ladder slipped, and the awkward pose on the ladder created a head over heals fall that was scary and nearly fatal. Landing on his head with the ladder tipping over Continue reading

Get the Best Deal on Your New Shipping Container with These 6 Tips

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There are nearly 20 million shipping containers criss crossing the planet right now. Nearly 90% of global trade is from shipping. That is how important it is to the global economy. One shipping container ship has the power that is at least one thousand time that of the typical family car. People who are looking for new shipping containers for sale may not be looking to ship anything at all, however.

People use shipping containers for a number of uses. They are used in container pop up shops around the country. People live in them, use them as guest houses, garages, shelters, sheds and portable office space. Some companies recognize that employees take more sick leave when the Continue reading

Check Off Your Environmental Compliance Regulations When You Have an Environmental Management System

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Sustainability seems to be the latest big buzzword for businesses these days and more and more are taking initiatives that allow them to practice good sustainable measures. In some cases, this is even government-mandated, with certain industries needing to follow environmental compliance regulations and focusing on environmental health and safety management. However, all businesses could implement even better sustainability measures past those just needed for environmental compliance. On the other hand, managing health and safety, environmental regulatory compliance, and possibly even water and waste regulatory compliance can be hard to navigate and cost a business a great deal in ti Continue reading

Follow Your Passion and Start Your Own Business

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We have more freedom in the workforce now than any group of people has ever had in the history of the world. Thanks to the advent of the Internet — and all the various subsequent innovations — we can literally create anything we want and share it with anyone in the world.

Despite all these advantages, far too many people are still stuck in jobs that they hate and can’t manage to see a way out. There is a way out, however, you just have to make the jump. You have the ability to be your own boss, doing what you love, and can even make a nice living if you’re good at it. You just have to get out there and do it.

Unless it’s something illegal or so off the rails strange — which is difficult to do by today’s standards — it really doesn’t matter what product or service you are planning to Continue reading

Four Benefits to Proposal Software

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In this technological age, advancements in technology have affected every part of society and business. Salespeople have many new types of software to employ to make their lives easier, especially those who are required to respond to requests for proposals, be they government contract proposals or civilian. Bidding on government contracts is especially complicated, making RFP proposal software particularly valuable. Here are four of the benefits of RFP proposal software that a business can use to their advantage.

  1. Better Time Management: Using quality Continue reading

Treating Your Move as an Adventure Can Make it Less Stressful

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Even though a sizable percentage of Americans never leave the place where they were born, one in four have moved within the last five years. There are many reasons for moving: jobs, relationships, families and even the weather. Moving can be both exciting and stressful, and it’s best to begin planning early. Getting moving quotes and researching moving services can help you find the best movers. But you don’t need to do the hard work of packing and moving yourself. With white glove moving, you get the royal treatment.

Professional movers will pack, move and unpack your stuff, arranging your furniture as needed in the new location. Whether it’s your piano or heirloom quality china, they handle it as c Continue reading

The American Dream or the American Balancing Struggle?

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Familles in the United States face a difficult predicament. While society and that ever present and looming American dream dictate that certain milestones need to be met at certain times, such as college, the perfect career, marriage, the perfect home, and children. And many people step up to diligently follow that structure, and society continues to function as it is supposedly meant to. However more and more people are starting to realize that there is a pretty significant problem with that structure, and it has to do with child care.

Balancing work and family
With the way that things have developed, most aspects of the expected standard of living are not quite achievable on the wages of one job, even if it is a good, solid, well-paying career. This often means Continue reading

3 Easy Steps to Making this World a Better Place

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Sometimes it is far too easy to get bogged down with the weight of the world and some of the awful things that too often happen in it. News story after news story carries with it fear, worry and the idea that things just will not get better. But there are things that we can do, however small, that can start to turn things around, with the right amount of optimism and persistence. And once we find ourselves in the habit of continually doing these things, we can set a good example for those around us, sending out a ripple effect of people striving to change the world for the better.

From donations that pick up at home to giving landfills a break
It is not often that one can carry out a simple action and see the effects of it on several vastly different levels. But w Continue reading

Tips to a Successful Mediation

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The United States is a very litigious society. Every year 15 million civil lawsuits are filed. While we sue each other a lot, not many of these civil cases make it to a courtroom. One option people often choose is to head to standard mediation services to resolve almost any kind of case.There is bankruptcy mediation but it also works for cases that range from employment discrimination to product liability.

The key to a successful experience with standard mediation services is to develop a good and solid strategy. Just as you would never go into the courtroom without working out a thorough strategy, the same is true with the Continue reading