A Dirty Floor Increases Your Liability

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The cleanliness of a business is an important part of customer satisfaction. Many businesses do not realize this and do not put enough effort into keeping their business clean. Most customers will judge a business by the looks and the cleanliness of it, including debris on the floors and walls and the upkeep of the business. The floors are actually a very important part of the cleanliness of the business and really say a lot about the business. Customers will always notice the quality of the floors, because it is the first thing they will see. They are walking on it and will notice any debris or spills. Unclean floors can also provide danger and can be unsafe to customers, causing liability for a business. A company that wants its customers to be satisfied should ensure that their floors are always prop Continue reading

Checkweighers Ensure Consistency in Packaging and Product

Food packaging materials

The amount and type of packaging a company uses for food products directly impacts how consumers perceive the product and the company. Recent studies have shown that over 50% of consumers make purchasing decisions partially due to the packaging and whether it demonstrates the brand making a positive social or environmental impact.

For example, brands that intentionally reduce the amount of packaging they use are perceived as creating a positive environmental impact. Along the same lines, companies that print their charity efforts on their packaging, also see an increase in sales.

Plastic packaging is found to be more effective, it weighs less, and it is relatively easy to recycle, which makes it more environmentally friendly. Continue reading

Does Your Business Need Help Preparing and Submitting Proposals?

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We are a data driven company. Educators compile data to measure the success of both teachers and students. Companies request detailed data any time someone is submitting a bid for a job or any tome a company is being considered for purchase or for sale. And while many accountants and office managers used to spend hours preparing complicated spreadsheets for each proposal and report, today the most efficient government agencies, schools, and businesses purchase proposal writing software to make all of these tasks more manageable.
Personal Pricing Software Allows Small Businesses to Compete with Larger Companies for Government Contracts
Request for proposal (RFP) software levels the playing field for businesses of all sized. Whether it is a small data center applying responding to a Continue reading

Asphalt Driveway Repair is One of the Many Benefits

Asphalt driveway repair

When looking at installing a driveway or replacing a driveway, you have two basic options; asphalt or concrete. Most people think of asphalt as what is used for roads and parking lots, which is true. However, it can also easily be used for residential and commercial driveways.

There are many benefits to using asphalt. Overall, it tends to be more cost effective than concrete. Keep in mind the average width of a one-car driveway is eight to nine feet. That makes the average width of a two-car driveway 15 to 18 feet. That is a lot of material needed to install a driveway regardless of the surface you choose.

In addition to being more cost-effective, asphalt driveway repair is fairly straigh Continue reading

Why Print Still Rules

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We keep on being told that print is dead. The reality is that print is not only alive but thriving. The global print industry reached $898 billion in 2013, more than online advertising ($133 billion), the worldwide video games industry ($102 billion), and even the music industry ($15 billion). According to PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook report out of home advertising revenues are predicted to grow from $8.4 billion in 2014 and $8.9 billion in 2015 to $10.7 billion in 2019. This means that between 2014 and 2019 out of home advertising will grow at a CAGR of 4.8%.

Outdoor advertising of all kinds is generally less expensive than traditional forms of advertising by as much as 80% for television advertising, 60% for newspapers advertising, and 50% for radio advertising. Out of home advertising is not Continue reading

Whether Stainless or Galvanized, Steel Is Better Than It Used To Be

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Steel has been used in buildings and other construction for thousands of years, but it has only been mass produced less than 200 years. The ability to mass produce steel and the creation of such types of steel as galvanized and stainless steel has revolutionized the steel industry.

Galvanized steel and stainless steel are the main steel products used today. Galvanized steel is that has been coated by zinc. The zinc coating helps galvanized steel to resist corrosion, which makes it a preferred product to be used in areas where the steel will be exposed, such as in bridges, light poles and sign posts. It also is cheaper than stainless steel, which is why it is used more often in constru Continue reading

How to Make Your HVAC System Last

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When you own a home, you know how serious your HVAC system is. Air quality can often determine the quality of life. After all, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as keeping a lot of other aspects of your home in working order, like the pipes and plumbing system

As the summer continues on full throttle, air conditioners grow more and more valuable. Indeed, about two-thirds of all homes have air conditioners, and air conditioners in general use up about 5% of all the electricity produced in the whole United States.

Any homeowners worst nightmare is waking up one day to find that their air conditioning has broken and that they need to call the Continue reading