Parts and Services for Heavy Equipment Users

Reman cat parts

Do you need heavy equipment parts? Or perhaps you have existing equipment that is in need of repair? Whether you need parts of services, you know the importance of maintaining your equipment so that it functions optimally and you can get the job done on time.

Perhaps one or more of the following parts on your acquisitions list:

    Bucket pins
    Commercial engine cylinders
    Hardox plates
    Heavy equipment oil coolers
    Heavy equipment hydraulic cylinders

In general, your construction equipment will last around 15 years when properly maintained. Part of proper maintenance, of course, is ensuring that the equipment is functioning optimally Continue reading

Six Qualities in a Good Cleaning Business

Professional cleaning services

Bringing in a commercial cleaning business to maintain the facilities in your business can save you a ton of time and money, and improve your customer experience by presenting a pristine environment to them. Or your commercial cleaning business can be a sink hole of money that doesn’t leave you with anything to show for your investment, entirely dependent on the commercial cleaning business that you choose.

So how do you know if you’ve chosen the best commercial cleaning business for your company or not? Since starting a commercial cleaning business requires very little upfront investment, the market is flooded with Continue reading

4 Ways to Legally Invest in the Marijuana Industry

Cannabis business license regulations

With cannabis completely legal in eight states and medical marijuana legal in 28, there has nervier been a better time to be investing in the marijuana industry. Marijuana business development is at a record high, and there are certainly ways to get yourself into the game in a smart and legal manner.

Here are four ways you should be, and could be, investing in the marijuana industry:

  1. As with any industry, it’s good to get your feet wet with an entry-level job. Try to score a budtender position at your area dispensary. This way, you can gain valuable information regarding the laws surrounding legal cannabis as well as understand the types of strains and their effects. If you spend tim Continue reading

Four Things to Look for in a Medical Answering Service

Medical answering services

Medical answering services play a very important part in any medical provider’s office. Your patients need to be able to reach you at any time in the day or night, whether you are busy or not. Since it is impractical and likely impossible to keep a receptionist on the phones 24 hours a day, you need medical answering services to provide call coverage when you office staff is off or just busy.

However, as you know, not all medical answering services are created equally. Since your medical answering services represent Continue reading

Creative Options for Repurposing and Upcycling Steel Storage Containers

Climate controlled storage containers

Are you looking for storage containers to modify? Whether you’re planning to employ a firm to create a pop-up store, tiny house, portable or stationary office space, or other live-work space, there are a variety of potential designs and purposes from which to choose.

If you’re currently in the design process, you may be interested to know that there are both used storage containers and new storage containers for sale. When you buy used storage containers, you’re also contributing to the environment by re-using, recycling,, and up-cycling these containers.

What are your plans for repurposing a storage container? In general, these steel shipping containers are Continue reading

5 Ways to Repurpose a Used Steel Shipping Container

Mobile office

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, and there?s no better way to recycle than to repurpose. Old shipping containers are a great product to repurpose because they are so durable, sustainable, and portable. Their versatility lends them to a number of different uses. Let?s take a look at a few.

Five Uses for an Old Steel Shipping Container

  1. Storage

    Renting a storage space can be costly. Used steel shipping containers, on the other hand, are less expensive and work well to store all kinds of things safely and securely on your own property.
  2. Businesses

    You?ve probably seen them around — steel c Continue reading

Three Advantages Of Using Electronic Signs

Outdoor school signs

Advertising a business is one of the biggest challenges that business owners and employees alike will face. Perhaps even more so than having a great product or service, advertising is what will make or break the success of most small businesses. If it’s done well, advertising will not only target the right customers and clients, but spread the word to those who might otherwise not have heard of the business in question. For that matter, it will reach out to those who are looking, and at the same time grab those who are just passing by. There are many forms of advertising — but for certain businesses, advertising online or on television is either a waste of time entirely, or not enough. These kinds of businesses are meant to grab passersby; they sell products or services that are needed in the momen Continue reading

Reducing Your Daily Stress Levels

Personal life coach

Our world is full of stress today, more than ever. People are dealing with full time jobs, school schedules, raising children, and the everyday busyness of life. Too many people do not focus enough on stress relief and self awareness. They let these stressors build up, until they can no longer handle it. Excessive stress can even lead to dangerous medical conditions. The stress can also lead to problems within relationships and can cause many to turn to self medicating substances. Stress reduction techniques are an important part of our health. When stress gets you feeling overwhelmed, consider trying one of these stress reducing techniques.


Exercise may feel like the opposite thing you want to do when you are stressed. It requires you to get up and move around when you feel like Continue reading

A Brief History of Cutting Tool Technology

Tooling manufacturing

The modern cutting tool industry may seem sophisticated today, but that’s only thanks to the long history of tool engineering behind it. Cutting tool technology has advanced rapidly over the years, and with it, our ability to promote the growth of the manufacturing industry that supports so many jobs today.

A brief look at the history and development of these technologies helps us appreciate just how easy we really have it today, while still inspiring new innovations for the future. Here are some of the key dates in tooling manufacturing, Continue reading

Instead of Flying to Europe, Why Not Book Passage on a Transatlantic Ocean Liner?

Marine spare parts and equipment fort lauderdale

Are you more than ready to take a vacation? Every year, more than 20 million passengers embark upon cruises around the world. There is a wide variety of cruise options available: family cruises, singles cruises, or themed cruises. In fact, there is even one cruise ship that allows passengers to take up residence as it makes stops in ports around the world. What kind of cruise are you looking for? There are cruises that make stops in the Caribbean, and others that cruise slowly through northern Alaska. As a traveler, you have a world of options for relaxing cruises.

Before a cruise ship even leaves its home port, an experienced installation team is responsible for all repairs and for Continue reading