How Industrial Coatings Protect Military-Grade Aircraft

Hard chrome plating

Industrial coatings protect many different structures in a variety of industries. At a value of $6.8 billion, 352 million gallons of industrial coatings were sold in 2014.

When it comes to aircraft, which operate in harsh conditions and have lots of moving parts, sliding wear coatings and other protective materials are needed to keep the machine working properly.

According to the study “Synthesis, Characterization and Applications,” published in cooperation with the NATO Scientific Affairs Division, up to 75% of all the components in a jet engine are coated. In a high-performance military jet, these engine turbines are subjected to much more intense condi Continue reading

Business Security SystemsKeeping Your Business Safe

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Whether a business is large or small, and, whatever the location, business security systems are an essential part of what makes the company work. Commercial security systems companies are available in every city and town to inspect the premises and give an estimate of what would be involved in installing a business security system, the time frame for installation, and the cost. Business alarm systems are usually easily installed at an affordable price.

Statistics show that of businesses surveyed, one out of seven does have a built in alarm system. In fact, it is believed that by installing a video surveillance systems, businesses reduce the chances of burglaries or break ins by about 67%. < Continue reading

5 Tips to Creating Program to Control Torque

S beam load cells

If you work in manufacturing, you understand the how crucial it is to maintain the correct torque for the different components. This is critical to keep the manufacturing process as efficient and cost effective as possible. From using the right torque sensors to using the right tools, there are things you can do to make your program to properly measure and maintain the correct torque better and more effective.

  1. Understand the utility of proper torque control. The fatigue strength of the materials you are using is critically important to the reliability of the tools and machine equipment that is subjected two different stresses and loads. If you are looking at a bolt, you know that the bolt is there to keep two parts connected. The force exerted by the nut and bolt has to be greater than any fo Continue reading

Available Options for Treating Polluted Water

Groundwater remediation equipment

It goes without saying that water is a critical and valuable resource. When pollution occurs, there are a variety of remediation methods available. Depending on the situation, one or more methods may be utilized.

Types of Water Remediation Services

Water treatment systems are available for the following types of situations:

    Construction dewatering and treatment
    Groundwater contamination remediation
    Hazardous waste management
    Industrial wastewater treatment
    Mine dewatering systems
    Oil and water separators
    Sludge dewatering systems
    Waste water treatment

How Remediation Services Are Provided

Remediation services are provided by a professional Continue reading

8 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Safe From Fire

Tampa fire protection

If you run a restaurant, you know how you need to take proactive steps to keep your business safe from fire. From developing a good evacuation plan to having a fire protection system installed and properly maintained, there are steps restaurant owners should take to keep their businesses safe from fires.

  1. Develop an evacuation plan. When a group of 119 businesses ewer surveyed, it was discovered that only 35% had any kind of plan for an evacuation in the event of a fire or other crisis. Businesses such as restaurants that have a lot of customers coming and going need to have a plan in place so that the employees can make sure everyone is able to get out of the business in the event of a fire. The more knowled Continue reading

The Process of Formulation Development

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Formulation development is one of the first points where the pharmaceutical supply chain begins. It is basically the place where different chemical substances are blended together focusing on the final goal of creating the medication that will eventually be used for a specific illness or condition.

The formulation development process begins by a consultation with a chemist experienced at working with the particular types of chemicals needed to be tested by the client. After the consultation, the chemist will discuss the client’s needs with his or her team of scientists, and they will draw up and submit a proposal for the job. The proposal having been accepted, the team of chemists will get to work on what is called a prototype, the finished product to be reviewed by the client. A p Continue reading

A Steel Roof Over Your Head Means Security

Commercial metal roofing suppliers washington

A roof over your head. That’s the ultimate metaphor for security, and one that most people take for granted. Until it comes time to replace or repair your roof. Homeowners, architects and even building contractors face a bewildering variety of choices when it comes to roofing supplies and materials. Traditional materials like tile and shingle are more familiar. But for those unfamiliar with a steel roof, it’s worthwhile to consider the advantages.

A steel roof is durable and cost efficient
A steel roof has a lifetime of about thirty years. That’s much longer than shingle or tile roofs, and moreover, metal roofing needs very little maintenance. It’s more res Continue reading