Air Conditioning RepairThe Benefits of Regular Maintenance

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Air conditioners and air conditioning systems were, at one time, a luxury that very few people or families were able to afford. These days, however, because of energy efficient components coupled with cost effectiveness, air conditioning and cooling is more easily attainable for many who could not even consider owning or installing these types of systems before.

Nowadays HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, is often a package deal. Many homes are built with equipment and wiring already in place for central heating as well as central air conditioning. Owners of older homes that were not built already equipped for this type of system can often enlist the services of a l Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About End Mills


If you’ve ever seen a picture of an end mill bit, you probably just assumed that they were drill bits. However, they are different. Drill bits are designed specifically to be able to go directly into the material. They cut axially and make cylindrical holes. On the other hand, end mill bits are normally used more for horizontal carving and cutting laterally. Some mills can cut axially as well as laterally.

Every end mill tip is shaped for a specific need. The most common shapes would be ball nose, v-carving, straight, fish tail and surface planing. Ball nose mills make a rounded pass which works for 3D work. Fish tails make a flat surface and v-carving mills produce a V shaped pass, obviously. This Continue reading

Are You Concerned That Your Aging Parent Is Not Following Necessary Medication Instructions?

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You still remember the sticky, thick, purple cough syrup splattering up onto your legs.
Contained in only a thin white paper bag advertising the location and operating hours of the local pharmacy, you would wrap the top of the bag around the left side of the racer handle bars on your bike. Even when your hand started to cramp up, you really could not switch the package to your right hand because you needed that hand to operate the rear brakes, so you simply pedaled faster and counted down the visual landmarks that let you know you were nearing the end of your five mile round trip from your house to the drug store.
On at least two occasions that you can remember that thin white paper sack slipped or ripped and the bottle of purple cough syrup crashed to the ground, the glass bottle shatteri Continue reading

9 Reasons to Send Direct Mail Advertising

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There are a lot of people who think their companies should only use digital marketing to promote their businesses. Direct mail campaigns can have a positive impact on your bottom line. There are a few reasons for this. People bring in their mail. Most people bring it in the same day they received it. Moreover, they read it. Most of us get a lot of email come through our email inboxes that is either routed to the spam folder or deleted without even being looked at. The same cannot be said of print mail they receive in their mailboxes or through their front door. At the very least people glance at it. Many times, they keep it around for a wile. Here are some benefits to running a direct mail campaign:

You can create a very targeted marketing campaign. Depending on who you would like your cam Continue reading

Are You Ready to Teach Your Children About the Real Meaning of Generosity?

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In a 2011 American Psychological Association report entitled Measuring Gratitude in Youth: Assessing the Psychometric Properties of Adult Gratitude Scales in Children and Adolescents, a group of authors report that real generosity and gratitude can be measured by looking at four different aspects: intensity, frequency, density, and span. This report indicated that when children give out of real generosity they relive the feelings of giving several times throughout a day for several days. They do not need rewards or recognition.
The INTENSITY of gratitude. Something as simple as a blue satin dress can help a young girl learn about the intensity of giving. Too often, Continue reading