Four Ways That Investing in Safety Programs Improves Business

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Have you ever considered implementing a safety training program, such as fall protection courses, in your work site? The greatest benefit to using fall protection training is somewhat obvious, since an average of 13 American workers succumb to a work place safety accident every day; those are accidents that could have been avoided if the proper safety precautions were followed. Safety programs such as crane training and fall protection systems make everyone more cognizant of safety procedures and reduce the likelihood of a tragedy.

However, it might come as a surp Continue reading

Four Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Exhaust or Duct Fans for Your Needs

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Are you looking for exhaust fans or duct fans for your industrial or commercial building? Choosing the best commercial fans for your needs is an important step in the process of creating a safe and functional space. To help you to this end, we’ve put together a list of factors you should consider:

Four Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Exhaust or Duct Fans for Your Needs

  1. Safety First!

    The safety of your exhaust or duct fans should be your number one consideration. The price of them, the noise they make, the difficulty installing them are all valid considerations, but Continue reading

9 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Exhaust Fan Happy and Healthy

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If you run a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep your kitchen exhaust fan running the way it should. Failure to do the proper maintenance on even the best fans can result in a plethora of problems. For instance, even PennBarry fans need some care and attention to fun properly. Here are some tips for the proper care and feeding of exhaust fans:

  1. Pay attention to your power supply. When you are going to do any kind of maintenance on your PennBarry fan, you need to take the time to turn off the power first. Some people think that turning the system off is enough but it really is not. You need to unplug the system or turn the circuit off. It is far too easy for someone to flip that switch back on and cause some bad injuries if you do not do this.
  2. Keep an eye on the bearings Continue reading

Three Reasons Why Your Kid’s School Needs a Marquee Sign

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Marquee signs for schools? At first, the notion of digital school signs might seem a bit strange to you. It will only seem strange, though, until you think about how important it is to have a sign that can be changed quickly by the administration and read easily by all of the parents and children.

The fact is, there are many reasons that marquee signs for school make complete sense, but to keep it brief, here are three.

1.) A school marquee, just like it would for a business, lets folks know where you are.

When you think about it in a business sense, you might consider a small, independent jeweler located in a crowded strip mall. If it weren’t for that outdoor LED sign, you might never find that upstart jeweler’s business. You might wonder why parents and kids who go to that school would need a sign t Continue reading

Guidelines For “What is a Purchasing Agent”

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What is a purchasing agent? Purchasing agents are employees who purchase material to place in a company’s inventory. They also purchase non-stock items for immediate use.

When employed by an airline or aviation company, the job description that answers the question what is a purchasing agent describes a person who places and reviews purchase orders and resolves any mistakes that were made in order placement. In addition, they make travel arrangements for cargo to be delivered, working through air and ocean logistics, depending upon where the cargo is being shipped to or from. A purchasing agent for a cargo airline is working for a company whose only commitment is to ship various types of cargo t Continue reading

Conflict Resolution for a Peaceful and Efficient Workplace

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We human beings are complex creatures. There are about 7 billion of us on this planet, each with different perspectives, values, ideas, and understandings of the world around us. While this wide range of diversity is a beautiful thing, sometimes it can lead to miscommunication and misinterpretations. If the entire human race focused on learning how to calmly discuss opposing ideas and ironing out misunderstandings, there would be a lot more harmony in the world. While we may have quite a ways to go before reaching that total world peace, one area that conflict resolution is immediately imperative is the workplace.

Employee conflict resolution and executive coaching

Being the boss comes with many responsibilities. Between hiring, payroll, and dealing with clients, sales, dist Continue reading

7 Tips to Keeping Your Portable Buildings Pest Free

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More and more organizations and individuals are finding uses for modular and portable buildings. Not all modular building are portable but when they are, they can be very useful. Portable classrooms, in particular, are very useful. They are also cheaper to build. Portable classrooms are between 36% and 77% less costly than traditional classrooms to build. School districts like these buildings because it takes less time to get them delivered, this is the reason they are used 35% of the time. The changing nature of student enrollment is the next greatest reason they are used, that is the reason in 26% of the cases. Lastly, the cost of the units is less than traditional classroom, whi Continue reading

Four People Who Win When You Make Used Clothing Donations

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Have you ever considered making used clothing donations? When you take the time to make used clothing donations, everyone wins. Let us count the far-reaching impact that you have when you make used clothing donations:

  1. You Win When You Make Charitable Donations
    Being American puts us among the most fortunate 1% in the universe. All of our needs are met, and we have more stuff than we could ever wish for. Sometimes, we accumulate more stuff than we need and it turns into clutter. As our homes become cluttered with more stuff than we need, it equally clutters our brains. It becomes more and more difficult to focus. In fact, some psychology experts su Continue reading