Frequently Traveling Employees Benefit From Portable Offices

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What if you could work from any location? What if you could do so, without having to dedicate a part of your house to your office space? Used shipping containers are the new trend in mobile offices. There are currently around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. Approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes or offices for people. Used shipping containers make unique and useful portable offices for professionals in many different industries.

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Many construction professionals find themselves moving from one location to the next. They may even travel to different states. Hotels can get expensive and you still have to find transportation to the job site. Used s Continue reading

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Commercial Cases

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In the 1980s executives and legal experts began discussing the potential of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It could be a much more cost-effective method of settling disputes that kept companies out of courtrooms and would prevent the types of litigation and settlements that could devastate both the claimants and the defendants.

Over the course of a few years hundreds of large commercial cases went through the ADR process and many corporations reported significant savings of both time and money. To reap the greatest benefits from the process it is necessary for those involved in commercial cases to seek out effective neutral mediator that actively work to preserve and improve relationships, stay within the confines of the contractual agreements, and who are efficient and capable or resol Continue reading

Finding New Space with Old Containers

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Maybe you are a new business but you are starting to get on your feet. You are beginning to bring in more than you are spending each month, and after all, that is the idea.

So you start thinking about moving into an office somewhere. You might need to hire some extra staff in the not too distant future, but you don’t want to get too far ahead of the game and spend more money than you have. You start wondering if there is some kind of an alternative office space that you haven’t thought about. The good news is, there is one.

One of the options you might not have even thought existed could be the answer to all of your small office needs. Industrial shipping container solutio Continue reading

Planning to Open a New Business? Choose a High-Traffic Location

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When looking for business space for rent, there are several important aspects to consider. If you’re an entrepreneur leasing your first business space for rent, then you’ve probably done your homework. It’s likely that you’re well aware of what to expect when you’ve been in business for some time, however.

Location and demographics are, of course, the most important aspects to consider when choosing a commercial space for lease or rent. This can make a significant difference with creating, maintaining, and developing the image that you want to con Continue reading

From Mock Trials To Mediation Preparing For Civil Litigation

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It can be incredibly difficult when a fiduciary responsibility is violated. A fiduciary is relied upon for a variety of reasons, usually regarding a client’s money or assets. Therefore, when a fiduciary responsibility is neglected, a client can end up being ruined, sometimes to the point of filing for bankruptcy. Honest mistakes can be made in some cases. But in others, a fiduciary responsibility can be purposefully neglected or outright overridden in favor of the personal gain of the fiduciary in question. In this case, you may be able to bring forth a civil suit. With that being said, lots of people — especially those who have already suffered financially due to an issue with fiduciary responsi Continue reading

The Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Marketing Campaigns And How To Avoid Them

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How do you put your best foot forward when everyone already seems miles ahead of the game? Sometimes you just have to narrow it back down to the basics. Put away complicated notions and get-rich-quick schemes of putting your business on the map and consider how to just get a solid message across. No matter what service or product your selling, it all boils down to snagging a customer’s attention and giving them a reason to stick around. Acrylic display risers, a simple poster easel or a door sign holder are just a few of the tools you can use to have your voice heard in an already thick chorus.

Advertising Is Competitive, Don’t Back Down

Everywhere you go advertisements are blinking, calling and flashing for your attention. How do you stand out amid all that? The ave Continue reading

Contact a Contractor to Give New Life to Your Driveway

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Are you looking for local contractors to repair your existing driveway? Or perhaps you’re in the process of remodeling your home and want to update your exterior space with a brand-new concrete driveway. You may also have other areas outside your home that are in need of repair as well, such as walkways and patios.

If you just moved into a new house and the driveway has seen better days, one of the many benefits of having a new concrete driveway constructed is that there are a variety of colors available. In fact, colored concrete is available in over 250 hues and shades.

Another benefit of having a new driveway installed is that when well-maintained, it will usually last for 25 to Continue reading

How Blister Packaging Methods Make Medical Products Safer And More Efficient For Consumers

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What’s the most important aspect of a good product? Would you say it’s the quality that determines whether or not you return to buy more or the customer service that makes you feel like a valued customer? Businesses across the country are asking this question more and more as their client base increases, searching for the ever-elusive happy balance of a positive buying experience and financially viable production methods. Clinical storage and distribution is a field that focuses on the packaging and transportation of food, drink and medicine. Blister card packaging, carded packaging and carton techniques are but a few of the different methods used to safely deliver a product to your doorstep.

What Is Blister Packaging And How Does It Work?

Transportation and pack Continue reading

Increase Your Brand’s Presence and Customer Loyalty with Superior Customer Service


Are you looking for strategies to improve your customer’s experience and increase your Net Promoter Score? One of the most effective measures to determine customer satisfaction is to encourage them to take surveys. Once the data is collected and analyzed, you will have the necessary information to create a strategy.

When your customers state they will continue to use your products and services as well as recommend them to others, it’s quite likely you are providing a positive customer experience. If it’s the reverse, or close to it, these customers are potential liabilities. How? This is because these individuals are likely to express their dissatisfaction to others.
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A Few Tips to Help You Select Excellent Standard Mediation Services

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There’s no easy way for you to intuitively know who is a good mediator and who isn’t, so it’s important to have a process when you’re in need of standard mediation services. In that same vein, there’s no easy way to master mediation on your own.
In order to help you with this process, here is a compiled list of tips and tricks to help you get started on your research and select the best experienced mediator you can find.
What will mediation do for you?
The type of mediator you need ultimately depends on the case you’re involved in. Are you going through divorce mediation? International disputes? No matter the issue, it’s important to decide what you’ll ultimately gain f Continue reading