3 Things You Need to Know About Air Filters and Your Allergies

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It looks like the snow is finally on its way out. So here comes the sun, flowers, and a lot of allergy problems for many people. Little can be done about the pollen floating around the air outside, but did you know there are ways to improve the air quality inside your home? All you need is a little know-how. So, here are three things would should knowing about air filters and your allergies.

  1. Regular HVAC Filters
    It’s easy to think that as long as you keep the standard filters on your heating and cooling system clean, then there won’t be any allergens in t Continue reading

Why Builders Work With Permit Experts

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Permits are necessities, whether you like them or not. They’ve become a part of the way that we regulate society. While you may know what you’re doing — whether you’re looking to renovate your house or run a business — not everyone does. The permit process ensures that people are approved to do things that may affect the public in some way, and thus keeps everyone safe. With that being said, it can be a tedious process. Some permits take longer to gain approval than others. This can often depend upon the municipality you’re working with, or the task you’re trying to get approved. For that matter, one mistake in the process can force you to start over again. The issue often isn’t getting the permit, but the time it takes to get that permit — this can set a lot of people back in terms Continue reading

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

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Cleaning is a part of every day life. In one way or another, some type of cleaning is always needed to be done. Although many people still love the effects of using cleansers that contain bleach, many are now coming away from chemical cleaning and entering into the age of green cleaning.

Environmental considerations have become a widespread concern in a short period of time. Studies show that 80% of serious illness, such as cancer, is the result of chemicals that can be found in many products, including cleansers, that are used right at home as well as in the office. According to US EPA findings, as a result of the chemicals in household cleansers, pollution levels indoors are 100 times higher than they are outdoors.

Because of new facts concerning the dangers of the chemicals c Continue reading