The Best Times of Year to Make Clothing Donations

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Most people understand the importance of donating. Yet, the year goes on, and you forget or never find the time to do so. You also might wonder when the best time is to donate. Although any time of year is a good time to give to those in need, these specific times are especially useful and beneficial.

At the beginning of the year
The holidays tend to encourage people to donate. About 43% (42.7%) of those surveyed gave more during the holidays than the rest of the year. About 44.4% reported giving about the same. Either way, donations tend to fall off significantly immediately after the holiday season. Yet, people are still in need. January brings colder weather and winter clothing donations are still needed. If you are wondering when to donate clothes, this peri Continue reading

The Real Deal Are Engineered Stone Countertops Better Than Granite?

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If you’re planning a kitchen or bath renovation, you’ll eventually reach a point in which you have to decide what kind of countertop you’d like: engineered stone for sale or natural stone slabs for sale?

One material isn’t necessarily better than the other, but engineered stone and granite have distinctly different properties. Having an understand of what these key differences are can help you choose a material that best suits your needs.

Is one more “natural” than the other?

Also referred to as quartz, engineered stone countertops are made from quart crystals blended with color pigments and bound together with a polymer or resin. So w Continue reading

Portable Cabins and Other Structures for Your Expansion Needs

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When you are looking for a space to rent or buy for a specific purpose, it can be difficult to find something that meets all of the desired qualifications. Finding a place that has the right capacity for the number of people that you are planning on accommodating is one matter, but finding that perfectly sized space in the right location can be the tricky part.

What many people are coming to find is that when you begin to run out of room, it can often be easier to find a way to build on to an existing space rather than relocate entirely, especially if you are already well adjusted to the original space for its set purpose. Whether you are looking to modify or expand a school, church, business, or personal space, your answer just might lie in the industry of portable buildings.

Continue reading

Are You a Small Business Owner Looking for Someone to Take Care of Your Billing and Payroll Services?


There are many things that you love about owning your own business. You love the product that you manufacture and sell. You love hiring the best employees for the openings that you have. You love the process of training these new employees and making sure that they are comfortable with the tasks that they are asked to perform. The one thing that you do not love, however, is the billing and payroll processes. In fact, you would probably go so far as to say that you hate those two parts of the job. For this reason, you decided several years ago that it would be a good idea outsource the billing and payroll services for your company.
One of the best things about owning your own business is that you can decide how you spend your time. If Continue reading