Smart Business Signage 101 How A Good Location Can Save You Money And Snag You More Customers

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Signs are like a handshake or a smile. They’re a first impression for your business, the primary way for people to understand what you have to offer among a sea of competition. When your sign is difficult to find, hard to read or visually unappealing? It’s the very definition of a limp wrist or food between your teeth. Marquee signs for schools and electronic signs for business all have the same goal at the end of the day and that’s to get a strong message across the best way possible. Not everyone is well-versed in the art of the sign, so brush up on your own knowledge and make sure you give your establishment a fighting chance at success.

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3 Reasons Environmental Remediation is Vital


There are many threats that can harm a site. Environmental threats aren’t always easy to notice but can pose serious dangers to both a site and the workers inside of these buildings. Environmental engineering firms work can help provide many services that help clients immensely. One important service is environmental remediation which has to with removing any potential environmental threats from a site. Here are three benefits of hiring the services of an environmental remediation company.

  1. Ability to Offer Multiple Remediation Services

    It’s understandable that not all sites will require complete remediation. Luckily, these services will ensure that your site has the exact evaluations you ne Continue reading

Shipping and Other Transportation Services Play Important Roles in the Nation’s Economy

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The last 10 days leading up to the Christmas holidays are a time when load boards for transportation brokers across the nation are full. With lists of everything from the hottest selling toys to end of the year car productions, load boards help retailers and sales offices keep track of where incoming merchandise is at. Whether you are a manufacturer trying to ship the robotic monkeys that wrap around your finger or the last of the 2017 car models, these are the days when you need to be able to tell your clients when their merchandise will be arriving.
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Four Ways to Reduce Household Waste this Holiday Season

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There are a couple of times during the year that recycling rates decrease significantly. The holiday season is one of those times. People are throwing away more food, paper products, and plastics than any other time during the year. Before we get into the busiest part of the holiday season, make sure you are ready to keep pollution to a minimum. Even you and your family can make a difference.

Use recycled paper products

Spending a little bit more on items like gift boxes and wrapping paper can be the difference between using non degradable paper products and paper products that are already recycled. Pay extra attention to these types of products this year as a large amoun Continue reading

Five Business Aspects to Update Before the New Year

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The year is coming to an end. A new year means a new opportunity for business success. It means the evaluating of current business practices and making improvements for increased business growth over the next year. Before the year ends, make sure you have updated your business plan in the following areas.

Marketing campaign plans

How are your current marketing campaigns working? Are they providing you with expected results? What improvements can be made to produce even more positive results? What marketing aspects are not worth the cost? Are you reaching customers enough in a digital setting? These are all important marketing factors to evaluate. Every year, digital and print trends are changing and a successful business keeps up with the change.

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Understanding the Two Main Types of Street Sweepers

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Street sweepers are nothing new when it comes to keeping the streets clean. They date back to 1849 when the first mechanical street sweeping machine by C.S. Bishop was patented. But over the years, equipment has become much more advanced in design as well as performance.

Street sweeper trucks are the part of the cleaning equipment innovations that saw the introduction of sophisticated machines. They are designed purposely to clean the streets that were previously cleaned with brooms on a much-limited scale. Unlike traditional street sweepers that relied on push and pull carriages to move around the street. Modern street sweepers are attached to truck bodies and can vacuum debris and keep stree Continue reading

6 Tips and Tricks for Success with Mergers and Acquisitions

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There are a lot of stressful experiences you can have as an entrepreneur. The process that goes along with mergers and acquisitions can rank up there in terms of raising your stress level. Depending on the size and scope of what you are working through, there may be corporate compliance programs to consider. There may be other things to consider such as intellectual property law and you may need to get legal representation to help through the process but there are things you can do on your own.

  1. Go into the process with the right attitude. When the Continue reading