Four Benefits of Compensation Management Systems

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One of the keys to employee retention and a productive work environment is the right compensation management and HR solutions. Every year, unhappiness and disengagement among workers in North America costs businesses more than $350 billion. A 2017 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey found that among employees who are satisfied in their jobs, nearly all think very well of their benefit plan. Only 38% of dissatisfied employees think that. So how can HR technology help you achieve satisfied employees and a business that operates better?

Benefits of HR Technology: Increase Your Employee Engagement

The relationship between compensation and work is always difficult to navigate, and also always one of Continue reading

Over $11 Billion Is Lost To Employee Turnover Every Year How Your Business Can Encourage Retention

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How do you go about staffing your company?

Do you rely on the tried-and-true method of reaching out through job bidding websites or do you prefer to stay as local as possible? Have you updated your application in the past few years or is your business coasting on the cover letter and resume format? All these questions and more need to be asked and they need to be asked now, as the face of hiring is changing as we know it. Old practices just aren’t cutting it anymore and your business’s future is on the line when it fails to keep up with new technology. Employment agencies are working harder than ever to bridge the gap between qualified applicants and businesses.

Let’s make sure you’re part of the change.

The United States is seeing some of the highest rates of Continue reading

What To Buy Your Husband For Your Fifteenth Anniversary

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There are many occasions that a personalized crystal plaque is an appropriate gift. From a 15th anniversary gift for husband to a retirement award, a plaque is a great way to show your appreciation with style. An awards or recognition plaque can be displayed proudly in a home so that all can witness the accomplishment of the gift recipient and is a stylish piece in its own right.

A crystal plaque can be a thoughtful and beautiful anniversary gift. A 15th anniversary gift for husband is a perfect opportunity to buy a plaque to commemorate your love. In fact, a crystal plaque would be a perfect 15th anniversary gift for husband because cry Continue reading

What a Doctor Answering Service Can Do For Your Practice

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If you have a small medical practice, could almost certainly use a doctor answering service. Doctors and their staff are amongst the busiest people on earth. A doctor answering service is a great way to make sure that communication with patients is happening in a streamlined way that patients? privacy. Every year there are over 900 million visits to doctors offices in the United States, and with such a high volume of patients having a good small business answering service on your side is crucial to keeping everything running smoothly.

What Is a Doctor Answering Service?

The doctor answering service is a form of phone answering service that functions as a call center to handle any medical related c Continue reading

Signs of the Times Advertising, Locating Your Business or Organization Are Key

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Signage is important, whether you own a business, or run a non-profit organization organization or a school. Research has shown that more than one-third of people say they wouldn’t have known about a business without seeing its sign. There are a number of roles that signage plays for businesses and other organizations.

One of the main purposes of signs is to let people know you are there. Without business signage or other types of signage, customers or others who need to visit your location may have a hard time knowing where you are. You may not think signs are necessary on your building or at your location, but studies have shown they are as valuable as 24 full-page newspaper ads in letting people Continue reading

Understanding FTL and LTL Shipping Definitions for Your Business Opportunities

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There are always things that need to be moved from place to place, especially in today’s vast market and incredibly large base of consumers. The industry of selling and trading of goods has evolved significantly over time. Once there were small booths and markets that people might visit in their own town or nearby towns to barter or buy necessities and luxuries.

Today, there are countless stores everywhere you turn, including online. Purchasing goods has become such a simple and convenient process, but those goods still need to move from one place to another, which is where the transportation industry has been extremely busy and successful.

FTL and LTL shipping definitions

When it comes to shipping and transportation, there are several different w Continue reading

9 Tips for a Better Experience Storing Your Stuff

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More and more people in the United States are placing their items in storage units around the country. Each year, from 2000 and 2005, three thousand more facilities for storage were built. There are now about 58,000 such facilities around the country. Nearly 9% of all American households have a budget storage unit for their belongings. Here are some tips for a better experience putting your items in a storage facility:

  1. Go over the unit. Before you decide to place your items in a storage unit, you should take some time to go through it and make sure it is clean and free of any leaks. If you are looking at a unit that is not climate controlled, you st Continue reading

Why Clamshell Packaging Solutions Are Ideal

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When seeking a way to package items that keeps them safe and protects the environment, it’s hard to find something that does the job. That is why the popularity of clamshell packaging solutions is on the rise. Read more and learn why it’s the best choice for many companies.

Clam Cases Help Save the Enviornment

When seeking solutions for packaging, many companies want to pick something that is responsible in an environmental manner. A reusable clamshell is an option because takes old plastic that has been recycled and gives it another use. Since most waste ends up in the ocean and costs over $11 billion a year, choosing to have items that are recycled saves money and helps to protect the env Continue reading