3 Awesome Ways to Use an LED Sign for Your Church

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Is your congregation dwindling? Or perhaps you have noticed new people moving into your area but they haven’t come to inquire about when your next service is? Maybe you just want another way to grow your community. Well, maybe a church marquee sign is a good strategy to try.

Perhaps you don’t have a sign at all and are wondering why they are so important. Maybe you heard a rumor about the great return on investment that LED signs have. But it’s not clicking. Did you know that 35% of customers wouldn’t have found a business if they didn’t have a sign? Or that 85% of a business’s patrons live or work near it (within five miles, to be specific)? More than a third of people look at an outdoor sign most of the time when they pass it.

So what do those random facts mean? They’re mostly about businesses so are they applicable to churches? Yes, they are! Churches are just as interested in attracting people as businesses are, it’s just for a different purpose. And signs are, as just explained, very good at attracting people to your establishment. The best kinds of signs are full color LED signs.

Let me explain how a church marquee sign can work wonders for your community:

  • People will see your church more. LED signs are easier for people to see during the day and especially at night. Whether people are driving or walking, they will be able to see your sign. The bright colors and lights catch more people’s attention from farther away than more traditional static signs.

  • You can communicate messages to your existing congregation. Even if you are not particularly interesting in growing your community, LED signs provide another way to communicate with them. You can post messages about schedule changes or even something short and inspirational to encourage introspection and reflection.

  • LED signs are more flexible than traditional signs. Church marquee signs can communicate messages (see the previous point). They can be easily customized to fit your needs, such as choosing lighting colors, changing the messages, and other ways to make the sign catch people’s eyes.

So whether you’re a small church looking to get bigger or a big church looking for a fresh new way to represent yourself to your congregation, an outdoor LED display might be a viable strategy to consider. Signs have always been an age-old way of informing passersby that an establishment exists as well as presenting interesting advertisements to lure them in. Full color LED signs are the newest and best way to do that, as we have just seen.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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