3 Easy Steps to Making this World a Better Place

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Sometimes it is far too easy to get bogged down with the weight of the world and some of the awful things that too often happen in it. News story after news story carries with it fear, worry and the idea that things just will not get better. But there are things that we can do, however small, that can start to turn things around, with the right amount of optimism and persistence. And once we find ourselves in the habit of continually doing these things, we can set a good example for those around us, sending out a ripple effect of people striving to change the world for the better.

From donations that pick up at home to giving landfills a break
It is not often that one can carry out a simple action and see the effects of it on several vastly different levels. But when you decide to contribute donations that pick up at home or have drop-off locations, you are doing much more than just moving some clothing around. Here are a few easy steps to changing the world without even putting in that much effort.

    1. Clean out your closet
    In today’s society, an average American spends more money than ever before. In fact, that average American is buying twice as many articles of clothing as the average American of 20 years ago. Closets and dresser drawers and shelves are overflowing with clothing that most people don’t even realize they own because it has been so long since they’ve worn them. Getting rid of all of the things in your closet that you do not wear or use will simplify your life and make things much neater in your home. In turn, you will feel better and lighter yourself, carry less stress, and be able to spread that cheer to others around you. Step one of changing the world complete.

    2. Donate!
    Once you have simplified your own personal life, it is time to contribute to someone else’s. Not everyone has an excess of clothing, and by making used clothing donations, you could be helping to provide for someone in need. Whether you find opportunities for donations that pick up at home is offered, or find all of the nearby clothing drop off locations in your area, you are making a difference in someone else’s life. Some of your clothing will go directly to those struggling to meet their basic needs, like clothing themselves or their families, and many centers will take the proceeds from the sales of your donations and use that money to help those in need.

    3. Shop secondhand
    The next step is to shop at secondhand clothing stores yourself. Not only will you come across some great finds that perfectly fit your style, you will pay a fraction of the price that you would have paid in a chain or brand name store, and you are helping to encourage the process of recycling. About 45% of clothing that has been recycled is that which is worn secondhand. On average, every person in the United States throws away almost 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles such as linens every year. That quickly adds up to millions of tons of waste being added to already overwhelmed and overflowing landfills each and every year. And yet just about 100% of all of the clothing and textiles being thrown away in households across the nation could actually be recycled, regardless of what condition they are in. Recycling helps save the planet. Step three of helping fix the planet successful.

It all starts with your simple, seemingly insignificant clothing donations. There are multiple ways to go about these simple steps, from places offering donations that pick up at home to donation drop boxes located around the city. Imagine if such a little act taking such small amounts of effort can do so much, what any other conscious effort to help improve the planet and the lives of the people on it could do!

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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