3 Great Hobbies to Break Into This Year

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It’s time to stop being so lazy this year. You’re probably extremely excited about the upcoming summer, but you can easily ruin your summer by wasting each day on your couch staring at your television. Enough with that lazy lifestyle! It’s time to take back your life and do things that are both productive and that you actually enjoy.

Here are a few great hobbies to consider breaking into this summer so you can actually have a productive and fun way to spend your time and not just waste your time watching mindless television. Keep in mind, however, that not all of these hobbies are great for every individual person. Some people might not enjoy outdoor activities as much as working on gearbox rebuild kits, for example, but as long as you have a few hobby ideas that you can actually try to implement into your daily routine, you’ll end up finding one or two (maybe even more) great hobbies that you can do that will enrich your life.

Work on gearbox rebuild kits

This is one of the more technical hobbies, sure, but you might even be able to turn this hobby into a lucrative career if you’re good enough. All you need is a gearbox rebuild guide and all the necessary parts and equipment, and it’s time to rebuild that gearbox! Gearbox repair costs a little more than some other hobbies, but if working on gearbox rebuild kits is really your true passion, it’s completely worth it. Enjoy!


Another hobby that actually feels like work to some people, but if you’re a fan of woodworking, you’ll love spending hours in your garage crafting and manufacturing excellent wooden structures. Maybe you’ve always wanted a nice pool table for your basement… don’t spend all that money to buy one when you could make your own with your woodworking skills. You’ll be able to relax in your garage as you cut, sand, and craft wonderful wooden furniture and structures.

Work on your car

Perhaps you want to spend more time in your garage but you don’t really want to build wooden products, that’s fine, it’s time to pop your car’s hood and get to work there! If you’re a true gear head, you’ll love spending time in your engine and adding cool additions to your vehicle.

Don’t just waste your summer this year by staring at the TV again. Get out and enjoy yourself with a new hobby!

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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