3 Reasons Government Proposal Pricing Software Can Help Your Business

Proposal pricing software

In a communist or socialist state, governments generally don’t have to pay or even ask for products and services from private businesses. They take what they want “for the betterment of the people.” At least that’s what’s supposed to happen, idealistically. Unfortunately, as has been evidenced throughout history this is never how it works out.

Fortunately, in the United States businesses are allowed to compete in a free society under free market principles. As opposed to the government merely taking what they deem fit, they must procure, or purchase these goods and services. The way they do that in America is though federal government proposals. Bidding on government contracts can be a lucrative and profitable business for many of the 26.5 million businesses in the country. It can also be a very confusing and complicated process.

There are certain products called proposal writing software and proposal pricing software that can help. Here are three reasons every business should invest in proposal writing software.

  1. One Program to Do it All: Creating and editing government proposals can be a very long process. First you come up with the original plan then it must be properly vetted and revised to ensure it will have the most success in the government selecting it. This requires a great deal of paperwork, files, and programs. Unless of course you have one single proposal writing software that allows you to create and edit these government proposal with ease.
  2. Inherent Value: The cost to prepare a complex proposal valued in the tens of millions of dollars or more, is frequently in the range of 1 ? 2% of contract value. This means that the more time you spend coming up with the proposal, the less money your business ultimately makes in the end. With the proper software you can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend on government proposals to help you get the most bang for your buck on time spent working on it.
  3. More Possibilities: No matter how great your business/products/services are there’s just no guaranteeing that you’ll win every contract you bid on. That’s why having a system in place where you can rattle off many government proposals on a consistent basis is crucial for long term success. They say it take an average of eight cold calls to reach a potential prospect. With government contracts there’s no telling how many times it will take, but the easier you make it on yourself the better your odds.

Businesses of all industries and sizes can stand to benefit from getting more government contracts. Invest in the right software and you can save yourself time, money, and increase your overall odds.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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