3 Reasons to Go with Professional Shredding Companies for Your Business

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There are a number of reasons companies need to shred their documents. For some, it is a question of following the law or the rules that govern their industry. This is certainly the case for medical and dental offices and financial services firms. While this may be counter intuitive, most identity theft today is from people stealing paper records, not looking online. In fact, security experts say that the very worst thing people do with their passwords is write them down. A full 90% of identity theft (and one in six Americans will fall victim to that this year) is from paper files and documents. This is where professional shredding companies can help. Many businesses operate under the impression that they should handle their shredding in house. Here are some reasons to go to a company that handles shredding services:

  1. It is a lot cheaper. Many business owners think they will save money if they buy some shredders and get their employees to shred their documents. This is not true for two reasons:
    1. Professional shredding companies use different equipment. One of the ways they are able to offer services that are less expensive than doing the job yourself is they have equipment that has been designed to handle large volumes of materials. The shredders you can buy for your office are meant to handle a small amount of paper. If you work in a medical or dental office or with financial records, you have much more to shred than they can handle. The result will be that you have to constantly buy new equipment and that is very expensive.
    2. Your workers will spend more time shredding than you think. Your office shredders are more than incapable of lasting when subjected to a large amount of work to do, they shred slowly. That means your workers are going to end up spending large amounts of time handling this task. Unless you want to hire someone to only deal with shredding, you will see a big decrease in your worker’s productivity if they have to do the shredding as well as their real job.
  2. Your customers and clients will have more security. When you hire of the professional shredding companies to handle the destruction of your documents, the whole process is carefully controlled. They have to live up to their contract and take the most care in keeping all of your records and documents safe and secure before they are destroyed. You will also feel better knowing you are in full compliance with state and local laws and guidelines when it comes to the proper destruction of files and records.
  3. You will reduce your carbon footprint. When shredding companies do their work, they end up with a lot of paper that cannot be pieced back together but is perfect for the recycling process. Additionally, when you have to do your own shredding, you have to worry about getting it to the recycler yourself. When you go with a professional paper shredding company, they will take care of this. The amount of paper that Americans send to landfills every year is staggering. You can reduce this by using professional shredding companies to handle this for you. The paper that comes from the shredding process can also then be made into new products. Given how many people these days want to buy from companies that are more aware of their impact on the environment (more millennials say they think about this when buying goods and services), you can make yourself more attractive to new customers and clients by using a professional shredding service.

In general, shredding documents and files is a much, much better solution than storing them in your business or office. Even if you are not concerned about the integrity and safety of the information contained in your records, storing paper files and folders takes up a ton of space. When you convert all of your paper files to electronic ones, you may be amazed at how much space you have open for other things.

When you reach that point, you will find using one of the professional shredding companies in your area will be cheaper and easier.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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