4 Considerations Before Choosing a Telephone Answering Service

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It’s is estimated that 79% of clients prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options. Meaning that a majority of your customers’ concerns, queries or complaints are handled through phone calls. For a business, every call matters since it gives you a perfect chance to interact, impress and make a client happy. To do this, you need to ensure that you always make a good first impression. This means that you need to hire the best telephone answering service you can get.

Choosing the right answering service, however, is not easy as it seems. How do you tell a service is right for your business? Considering how everyone is self-positioning themselves as the “most reliable” or “excellent” or “professional”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The following tips can help you make an informed decision as to which service suits your business needs.

Operation Time
You may need a 24 hour answering service, depending on your business functions. But not every phone service can offer that. Some phone services are available anytime and any day, while others operate five days a week. You need to need a reliable service that you can trust to offer quality customer care. Some of the important things to note here include redundancy plan, emergency response, site certification and backup power to ensure continuity and that no interruption occurs.

Monthly Charges and Rates
Answering service pricing is usually calculated on a monthly basis. But this cost will vary depending on your contract terms. Some phone service will charge based on the number of calls they answer. Others have multiple packages with different charges. Remember to do your own estimations on how many calls can come in on a single day, and roughly how much can it cost. But the moment your business starts to grow, you can expect your monthly bills to go up due to increased call traffic.
Make sure you understand how the service is billed plus if there are any additional costs other than the basic fees. If you want the 24 hour answering service, get to know how it is billed.

Healthy Partnership
Privacy and confidentiality are integral components in the modern business environment. Therefore, you should find a call answering service that protects both you and your customers. It should also guarantee discretion and any information shared between you and your callers treated as sacred. Perhaps the main reason why many answering agents undergo thorough training in non-disclosure of confidential information. Phone agents are also trained on good telephone etiquette skills to handle different kinds of callers. They should know your business inside out right from its culture, policies, mission, and vision. This will enable them to respond to callers with facts and be able to solve problems promptly.

A great answering team can offer you more than just handling your calls. Make sure you hire a company that provides additional services such as call screening, appointment bookings, call center service, call forwarding and many more. Does your business need a 24 hour answering service? What about variable coverage and seasonal telephone answering service? Knowing the variety of service offered by the company you hired will provide you with an insight into their capabilities. Look for a service that can complement your business.

Lastly, find the right phone answering service can ease up your mind and improve your productivity. You are always at peace knowing that your callers are in the hands of professionals. No missed calls and no down-times whatsoever.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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