4 Interesting Facts about Printed Circuit Boards and Their Importance to Technology

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Circuit boards are essential to most electronic components. Whether you?re trying to use a television, a radio, a computer, or some other technological device, it?s likely that there is a prototype circuit board somewhere in the device. That?s because a circuit board is how these devices are supported mechanically and electronically. If you?re interested in learning more about prototype pcb assembly or how prototype pcb manufacturing works, keep reading.

4 Interesting Tidbits about Prototype PCB Manufacturing

1. The market is growing rapidly

The printed circuit board market is rapidly growing across the globe. Not only is it having much success currently, but also statistics show that this is expected to continue throughout the years. By 2022, it is projected that the printed circuit board market will increase to an estimated $72 billion annually.

2. Other circuit assemblies

In addition to the printed circuit board that is often used, there are two other related assemblies that are options when building a prototype pcb. The other two options that a prototype pcb manufacturer can use are the integrated circuit and the hybrid circuit. The integrated circuit may go by a couple other names. You may see it labeled as IC or microchip when shopping for this product.

3. Laminates are needed in each printed circuit board

Each prototype pcb comes with laminates inside of it. These laminates help to insulate the pcbs when they are produced. Usually laminates used are first manufactured on their own. This is done by curing the laminates. Generally, this requires the laminates to be pressed at a specific temperature. By doing so, it forms a specific thickness all around. This requires curing to be done with layers or cloth or paper, too. By the end, the size of the laminates should be about four feet by eight feet in both width and length.

4. Printed circuit boards are even used in traffic lights

One of the more unique uses for printed circuit boards is in traffic lights. All throughout the United States, the traffic lights used to help control traffic for drivers have printed circuit boards in them. This was a new addition to traffic lights starting around three decades ago. Now, it?s very common for these assemblies to be used in traffic lights.

What interesting things have you learned about the printed circuit board? Have you ever considered building your own prototype pcb using a kit or the help of a manufacturer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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