4 Ways Child Care Programs Foster Healthy Development in Kids

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Today, less than one-third of American children have a full-time stay-at-home parent. This means that more children are participating in child care programs than ever before. While some parents worry that this time apart may be harmful to their parent-child relationship, it has been proven time and time again that pre-school and other child care facilities aid in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young children.

Four Ways Child Care Programs Foster Healthy Development in Kids

  1. Safe environment: Good pre-schools design their facilities to allow children to safely explore their surroundings. This allows them to build confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Some classrooms set up ?discovery centers? that encourage children to take a hands-on approach to learning as they use all of their senses to explore the world around them.
  2. Independence: Preschool teachers spend a significant portion of their day encouraging children to be independent through positive encouragement and motivation. Youngsters are taught to be decision makers, giving them a degree of power over their everyday lives. Choices such as ?Which activity do I want to do now?? and ?What do I want to build with these blocks?? are common decisions children make throughout the day.
  3. Responsibility: Good child care programs allow kids to take on meaningful roles in the classroom. Kids love taking on responsibilities as teacher?s helper, line leader, or weatherperson at circle time. Taking on these important roles teach children accountability and foster self-esteem.
  4. Learn empathy: Children practice helping others, thus becoming empowered to make good choices, developing their moral compass, and gaining self-confidence. This type of environment is beneficial for their social development and builds character.

Whether it is a preschool, a daycare center, or an after school program, quality child care management systems and facilities provide a safe, caring, and stimulating environment for children to grow, learn, and play.

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Sarah Todd

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