4 Ways Job Seekers Can Separate Themselves From The Pack

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If you’re trying to look for a new job, you know how frustrating and scary it can be to apply for a new position and try and find a way to stick out from the rest. You want your potential employer to look at your resume and cover letter and just think, “I would love to have this person work for me!” Landing a job interview can be a great feeling, and getting the call that you got the job is incredibly exciting and makes us feel accomplished and proud. If you are looking for a new job and need to find ways to stand out from your competitors, here are some simple tips. If you’re having a rough time looking for jobs to begin with, try using a staffing agency!

1. Use action words when highlighting your past experience

When describing your past experience, you want to make sure you use words like “managed,” “drafted,” “created,” or “produced” instead of undermining your experience by writing “put together,” or “watched over.” Some of the most powerful words to use when writing your resume include “analyzed, ascertained, assessed, compared, computed, and conceptualized. Other incredibly effective words for describing your past experience include “drafted, edited, explained, informed, interpreted, lectured, marketed, persuaded, and presented.” By using these words, you show that your past position taught you several skills, but also shows a greater level of responsibility, which can persuade employers to give you an interview and even hire you. A staffing agency can also aid in this transition to find a new job.

2. Use a clean (or creative!) resume template

Depending on what your occupation is, either go for a clean and minimal resume where information is very clear or choose a creative resume for a position that is, well, more artistic and creative. By putting in more effort to create a professional resume, you leave more room for your potential employer to be impressed. You want him or her to look at your resume and think that it’s special. There are several people who will put together a very basic and boring resume. By adding a pop of color or using a creative resume template (that is not too busy or tacky!), you can really wow an employer or staffing agency.

3. Highlight your accomplishments

You definitely want to highlight your past experiences, but you should also have a section dedicated to just highlighting your accomplishments. Did you start a newsletter or launch a new business operation at your old job? Did you win an award for digital marketing? Whatever your accomplishments were, be sure to list them. The same goes for new grads and can actually be a great addition to your resume. Did you receive a scholarship? Graduate with honors? Be sure to make it stand out! Employment agencies also look at this information to help get you employed.

4. Write a convincing cover letter (tailored to the company)

Many people don’t think about how important a cover letter is, however, they can really make or break you. Be sure to write about what you can bring to the company’s table. Why are you a valuable addition? That is what they are most interested in. In order to make your cover letter powerful, research the company and what the position calls for, and show how you fit the mold.

Are you looking for a new job? A staffing company or temp agency can help by trying to find you work. Do you have any more advice for making a great impression on a potential employer? Write it in the comments below! See more. Read more blogs like this.

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