6 Reasons to Consider Using a Virtual Office Space

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More and more employees work from someplace other than their company’s offices. The option to work remotely is viewed as a real perk for about 80% of employees today. Working remotely is also viewed as a great way to be productive by 67% of workers. Employers like it as well. Telework has been found to reduce attrition by 46% of all employers. If you are looking for space office solutions for your company, you may want to consider using a virtual office rather than a traditional one.

The 6 Benefits of Using a Virtual Office:

  1. You get a great “office” location at half the cost. You want to use a great address for your business. This can go on all of your company materials and will be where you get your mail and other deliveries. By having an address in a central location, you will look more professional to customers and clients. When you need to meet with clients face to face, using the conference room at the location will add to that. If you run a start up or other small business, this can go a long way in helping build your credibility. If you are an established company, using a good virtual office will provide you with the space office solutions you need while maintaining your reputation.
  2. You get a ready made office. When you get new office space, you have to do everything. You have to find the office space. Get the furniture, set up phone, internet and other services. This can not only be expensive but it takes a lot of time and energy. If you are a start-up, that may take a lot more of your resources than you can afford to spend. If your company is established and you need to expand, moving from a traditional office to a virtual one means your employees can work remotely when they want and use the virtual office when they need to.
  3. End that morning commute. No one likes commuting. Rush hour traffic makes everyone grumpy. By the time your employees get to the office, they may already be stressed out. By using a virtual office, you remove the hassle of the morning and afternoon commute. This has been shown to increase worker productivity. The time they would have spent in traffic is spent working. That is a win-win for sure.
  4. You do not have to sign a long term lease. Unlike a traditional office space where you have to sign a longer lease than maybe you want, when you use a virtual office for your space office solutions, you get a flexible lease. Many offer month to month options or similar arrangements. Other virtual offices will give three and six month leases. This is great for start ups who may not want to commit to something longer. It is also great for companies that need short term space office solutions.
  5. Virtual offices provide great networking opportunities. When you rent a traditional office space, your employees only interact with people who work for you. When you use a virtual office for your office space solutions, they will interact from people from a number of different organizations. Sometimes they will be in totally different industries. Other times, business opportunities that would never be possible when working in a regular office will develop. Partnerships will form and this can lead to growth for your company.
  6. There are great professional development opportunities. Many virtual offices offer programs, classes and other opportunities for real professional development. If you are an established company, you may know that employees who are offered chances for professional development are more likely to stay with the company. These opportunities make them happier employees. If you are a start up, everyone who works for you can also benefit from these programs.

If your company is looking for space office solutions, using a virtual office may provide you with all of the benefits of a traditional office at a lower cost. Your employees will be happier because they no longer have to contend with morning and afternoon rush hour traffic. Your bottom line will benefit from the increase in productivity and lower overhead costs.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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