7 Tips for Creative Sign Displays

Plexiglass sign holders

Good displays are sure to draw attention. Signs should be a wonderful addition in your creative merchandise presentation. Signs are infinitely customizable. Whether you?re refreshing your old signs or setting up new pieces for a craft fair stall, properly marking goods helps stores and consumers.

Signs direct customers to specific items or sales, and also inform and delight. Part of why eye catching displays are so important is that almost all shoppers, close to eight out of ten, make their purchasing decisions in store. Once customers are in the store, six out of ten will make an impulse purchase. So people pick out items to buy once they?re in the store. But what does that have to do with display signs? One 2014 study found that 16% of unplanned purchases are a result of a display someone noticed while shopping.

Below are unique ideas to try in your store when setting up your next display.

Vertical Signs
Think about using your space effectively. A wall sign holder might help you add atmosphere to a wall or room. Or vertical signs next to a hat stand can help make your best sellers easily visible for people to grab on the go.

Use Characters and Pictures
Who says signs have to have words? Use tags on items with anything from speech bubbles to quotes or phrases. Directional arrows or symbols might work well to help orient new customers to your facility. If you?re selling any material that requires assembly, instructions could be printed next to a stand with the item?s name and price.

Label Merchandise
As mentioned above, labeling what?s on display increases sales of that product. Consider using vinyl tag pouches to attach to merchandise with a description of the item, if necessary. Vinyl tag pouches can also protect a general label if you plan on reusing the sign for another sale or display. Also consider using different, but legible fonts when describing different products. Price tags don?t have to be the only place with the name of a piece.

Add Sign Decorations
You can always do more than just put out a sign. Maybe add small lighting to a tables. Think about garnishes on your signs like dots, logos, or stickers. Add green too. Perhaps add plants, succulents, or flowers to window displays along with signs and new or seasonal merchandize. There are new and different ways to write as well, like chalk board writing with chalk markers, or colored film plastics.

Be Creative with Stands
Who says hooks and metal stands have to hold up a sign. Try holding them up with interesting objects like chairs or baskets. Glue, sticky tack, or removable hooks offer endless creative options for a sign?s background. Everything from distressed wood to colored glass could be used.

Label in Colors
If you?re printing out your own signs, who says it has to be in black and white? For that matter, why does it have to be on paper? Color and texture can make it pop. Label what?s in jars or on a shelf with colored cursive handwriting or using a product-unique color scheme. Paint comes in all different colors. Go experiment. But be sure you?re creating a theme that fits your target market.

Use Signs as Notes
Signs can be reminders. Like upcoming holidays or events. Interesting vinyl tag pouches attached to items, shelves, or racks can offer character to your merchandise. You can even add notes about other items. There might be two items which are often purchase together. It might be a good idea to put where other commonly purchased items are located. Thank you and charity notes are a couple more ideas to add to your signs.

But, wait. Are in store displays still relevant? Don?t most people buy things on their phones or computer? It is true Most shoppers use their devices to do research, but 77% of buyers will still go to a physical store to shop. In store displays are still important. From deli signs to display risers, and from a poster stand to vinyl tag pouches, unique retail display ideas are all about creativity and experimentation. Find what works. Remember to use different types of signs, but don?t break away from your store?s theme.

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