7 Tips to Keeping Your Portable Buildings Pest Free

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More and more organizations and individuals are finding uses for modular and portable buildings. Not all modular building are portable but when they are, they can be very useful. Portable classrooms, in particular, are very useful. They are also cheaper to build. Portable classrooms are between 36% and 77% less costly than traditional classrooms to build. School districts like these buildings because it takes less time to get them delivered, this is the reason they are used 35% of the time. The changing nature of student enrollment is the next greatest reason they are used, that is the reason in 26% of the cases. Lastly, the cost of the units is less than traditional classroom, which is the reason school districts order then in 25% of the cases. From portable cabins to portable homes, there are a lot of good reasons to use these structures.

  1. One problem that portable cabins share with more traditional buildings is the way they attract pests. There are some portable cabins and other structures that just seem to be made to be havens for pests. This is typically the case when they are in wet and warm parts of the country. Even if you live in this kind of place, there are things you can do to keep your portable cabin safe from pests.
  2. Keep plants from growing too close to your portable cabin. All sorts of plants are very popular places for pests to live. Any insects that are living in your plants, that are net to your portable cabin, will find a way in at some point. You will be better off just keeping your plants away from your portable structures.
  3. Watch out for cracks. If you get any cracks in your portable cabins or storage units, you need to find a way to deal with them right away these can allow a variety of pests access points. You want to keep pests from getting in and the best way to do that is keep an eye out for cracks. You can seal them with calk. Just do what you can to keep them under control.
  4. Make sure you have the right ventilation. There is one feature that is common to all portable buildings. From portable cabins to portable church facilities, there is always a vent. This speaks to just how important it is to get enough ventilation for these structures. Pests, especially insects, love warm and humid spaces. When there is not a decent amount of air flow through a portable structure, it will become more humid. This makes it practically ideal for insect eggs to hatch.
  5. Keep the paint job looking great. The paint does more for a portable cabin that make it look nice, the paint can actively protect the structure from attacks by bugs and any other pests that might want to nibble on it. If there is any wood on your portable structure, you need to paint it, stain it or just seal it to keep these pests away.
  6. Use substances to keep the pests away. You can use chemicals, boric acid or tea tree oil to keep bugs and other pests away from your portable structure. There are a lot of pesticides that people use but there are also several natural ways to keep these pests away. Boric acid is used all over to keep insects away from kitchens. Bugs also have been found to hate tea tree oil so you can use that. You may want to start out with the natural methods before you use pesticides.
  7. Make sure your portable structure is kept clean. This means you want to keep your portable cabin free of dirt. If you use it to store your tools, you should really clean them before you put them in the portable building. You also should work to keep any debris out of it. It is worth it to sweep or vacuum the unit from time to time. This can do a lot to keep your structure pest free. Insects and other pests love dirty spaces.

There are a lot of good reasons to have portable cabins and other structures. Keeping them pest free will make using them a lot more pleasant.

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