8 Tips for a Great Recruitment Stategy

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Are you looking to hire new staff? It is a hard but important job and can impact your company’s bottom line. The wrong decision could be costly. It has been estimated that in sales jobs, getting the wrong person can cost you between six and ten times what you would pay them in the first year. Here are tips from recruitment experts to nail the hiring process.

Decide what you need. What will the person’s duties be and what skill set do they need to handle the job. What do you want in the new hire? This is a critical step in finding the right staff for your company. When you know what you want, you can draft the right job description, you will will attract the best people for your company. This is one of the most crucial parts in hiring new people, say recruitment experts.

Use the right language for your industry. Highlight your company’s strong points and the benefits of working there. Do you offer more education or training? You should include that in your position listing. The right language that speaks to your desired people. What is your target demographic? Think about the people you have now and the people you want to see work for you. Do you know how to write a sales job description?

  1. Do not forget to include how much the job pays. Recruitment experts have said that you are much more likely to get a result from a position listing when you include all of the salary information that when you do not.
  2. Strategize the advertisement strategy. Look at the data you get back and evaluate its efficacy. Watch your response rate and make changes accordingly. You have a lot of options for deciding your strategy. Pay attention to the sources of most of the applicants for the job. What has worked for you in the past might not work as well. Do this on a regular basis.
  3. Look to social media sites. Twitter, Linked In and Facebook can open you up to a lot of new candidates. Mine your contacts for prospective new hires. Linked In is of the best tools say recruitment experts. When you want to know how to hire sales people, you can review their social media profiles to see if they would be a good fit. Plus the more eyeballs you get for your job ad.
  4. Make it look good. Ads that are visually appealing will have more traction than those who do not. Put some video of people at your company to get the ad more attention. You can embed the images and video to create something really creative, say recruitment experts.
  5. Consider doing interviews on sites like Skype. This is one way to narrow down your field of candidates to a short list of people that you want to bring in for in person interviews. This can give you ore insight into the candidates and their background than what you can get from a phone call.
  6. How you perform is important, too, say recruitment experts. You have to perform well in your interviews almost as for the candidates. In a real sense, they are interviewing you to see if your firm will be a good place for them to work. This meals you need to pay attention to the kind of responses you give to their comments and questions. A good interviewee will come prepared with a list of questions that they have for you.
  7. Play up your company’s culture. You want to sell good candidates on your business. In all likelihood, the people you are interviewing are also interviewing for other jobs and are looking at other companies. If you have a good work-life balance, you should promote that. Do you offer benefits that are great?
  8. Do not scrimp on your due diligence. Check their references. Do a background check. You can learn a lot by doing this and it is important enough a task that it warrants your full attention.

Hiring the right people is a big job and it is an important part of your company’s chance to succeed. These tips will help your devise the right strategy for your business.




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