9 Reasons to Send Direct Mail Advertising

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There are a lot of people who think their companies should only use digital marketing to promote their businesses. Direct mail campaigns can have a positive impact on your bottom line. There are a few reasons for this. People bring in their mail. Most people bring it in the same day they received it. Moreover, they read it. Most of us get a lot of email come through our email inboxes that is either routed to the spam folder or deleted without even being looked at. The same cannot be said of print mail they receive in their mailboxes or through their front door. At the very least people glance at it. Many times, they keep it around for a wile. Here are some benefits to running a direct mail campaign:

You can create a very targeted marketing campaign. Depending on who you would like your campaign to reach, you can target it. So, you can have a separate campaign for prospective new clients from a campaign for people who have been customers for a long time. People will only get mail from you that meets their spending habits or their individual needs.

  1. You can personalize your print mail campaigns. When you work with an experienced print and mail services company, they can create pieces that are personalized with names and other personal information. If you run a vet clinic and you are sending our reminder cards, you can include the name or names of the pet or pets and you can get a more robust response.
  2. Print mail has heft. Your customers and your prospective customers have something to touch and feel when they receive direct mail pieces. Again, people read the mail that comes through their slot or finds its way into their mailbox. Some research shows that people view this as more reliable than email. No one ever mailed a letter claiming to be a prince in Nigeria.
  3. Print mail is familiar. As used to email as we are these days, everyone from the very young to the very old is familiar with print mail. Dating back to the Pony Express, it is one of the oldest institutions in the country. For thousands of years, we have found a way to send mail.
  4. There are a lot of options for direct mail campaigns. There is no ‘one size fits all” in direct mail campaigns. You can send calendars, catalogues, flyers or postcards, to name a few of your options. You can work with a professional print mail services company to develop and create the perfect kind of direct mail pieces for your project or company.
  5. It is easy to measure how well a campaign does. When you manage a digital media campaign, there are ways to tell if it has been a success or not but they involve a lot of complicated metrics. That is not the case with print mail advertising. You know how many pieces were mailed out. You can see what your response rate was and voila! You know how well your direct marketing efforts did.
  6. It is easy to develop and execute a print mail marketing campaign. You can either use readily available software packages to put together your campaign. If you use a printer, which you should, they often provide design services that are not expensive and may make your life easier. The bottom line is that setting up a print mail campaign is a simple process.
  7. There are few marketing methods that are as cost effective as print mail. When you are sending your direct mail marketing pieces, you will get a special rate (mass mail) from the Post Office making your mailing very cost effective.
  8. You can use your direct mail campaigns to reinforce your other advertising work. When you are talking about marketing and advertising, you want all of your messaging to be the same. This way all of the materials serve the purpose of building and growing your brand. Your direct mail can reinforce what your customers saw elsewhere.
  9. Direct mail is tried and true. There is a reason every political campaign in the country uses direct mail to get their message out to voters. It is because it works.

Direct mail marketing is a great way to grow your brand.



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