9 Tips for a Better Experience Storing Your Stuff

Climate control storage space

More and more people in the United States are placing their items in storage units around the country. Each year, from 2000 and 2005, three thousand more facilities for storage were built. There are now about 58,000 such facilities around the country. Nearly 9% of all American households have a budget storage unit for their belongings. Here are some tips for a better experience putting your items in a storage facility:

  1. Go over the unit. Before you decide to place your items in a storage unit, you should take some time to go through it and make sure it is clean and free of any leaks. If you are looking at a unit that is not climate controlled, you still need to know that it will be safe from water damage. Water can do a lot of damage to your furniture and other items. Moreover, mold can start to grow in dark and moist places.
  2. Get plastic covers. Before you place your items in the budget storage space, get some plastic tarps and other covers and use them on the floor and on your items. You can protect your furniture and the floor. This can also make moving items easier.
  3. If your stuff can be taken apart, do it. You will need less space and can save yourself some money if you are able to disassemble your furniture items. When you are looking at budget storage, this can be one way you can store all of your stuff in a smaller and less expensive unit. Take the smaller parts and place them in zip lock bags. You can tape those to the larger pieces of your items.
  4. Get bubble wrap. You should make sure you have protected your more fragile items. You can use bubble wrap or, if you are storing blankets and towels, you can use them. If you have items that have sharp points, you should make sure to cover them to keep them from being damaged while in storage.
  5. Take care with the way you stack your items. When you are working out how you put your items into your storage unit rental, you should make sure your heavier items and furniture are not placed on top of lighter items. You should also not place your items in really tall piles. They could fall and both be damaged and damage other items in your unit.
  6. If you have the boxes your items came in, use them. If you are placing certain, valuable and fragile items such as televisions, monitors, computers and the like, if you still have the boxes they came in, you should use them. There is a reason the manufacturer sent the items in these boxes, the original boxes are the best for protecting these items.
  7. Put your heavy items in the back of the unit. You should try to put the items that you are storing in the front of the unit. There are a few reasons for this. When you have a budget storage unit, you may, from time to time, want to look through it and get something. You will have an easier time doing this if the heavy items are not in the front.
  8. Make sure the space is safe and secure. The last thing you need is to get a safe unit in an unsafe storage facility. You should make it a point to get a secure lock but you also should do your due diligence in researching the facility. You may want to look into getting a security system to give you more peace of mind.
  9. Clean your items. Before you put your items into storage, take some time to clean them. You should make sure your items are free of dirt and dust before you put them into storage.

There are a lot of good reasons to get a budget storage unit for your items. You can use your unit for seasonal furniture or holiday decorations. If you follow these tips, you can have a much better experience when you need to look through or retrieve items or pieces of furniture.

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