9 Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Exhaust Fan Happy and Healthy

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If you run a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep your kitchen exhaust fan running the way it should. Failure to do the proper maintenance on even the best fans can result in a plethora of problems. For instance, even PennBarry fans need some care and attention to fun properly. Here are some tips for the proper care and feeding of exhaust fans:

  1. Pay attention to your power supply. When you are going to do any kind of maintenance on your PennBarry fan, you need to take the time to turn off the power first. Some people think that turning the system off is enough but it really is not. You need to unplug the system or turn the circuit off. It is far too easy for someone to flip that switch back on and cause some bad injuries if you do not do this.
  2. Keep an eye on the bearings. If you have a newer fan system, you probably do not have to worry about lubricating the industrial fan motor. If you are not sure about that, you should check with the manufacturer. One area that will need your attention is the bearings on the fan system. Some systems need lubrication either once every season or about every 90 days. Some systems need to be checked and lubricated more often, say every 60 days. Be careful to not add too much grease, that can be as damaging as too little.
  3. Do not forget the fasteners. Whenever your PennBarry fan system needs any kind of maintenance, you should take that opportunity to look at the fasteners. Make sure they are tight. When these get loose, they can do a lot of damage to your industrial exhaust fan.
  4. Loot at the wheel from time to time. PennBarry fans that are used in kitchens see a lot of oil, grease dust and dirt. This can build up very quickly. It is important to keep an eye on the inlet and the wheel to make sure they are running as smoothly as they should. Clean them as needed.
  5. Your hood needs to be cleaned every night. It may not be fun but this is one of the more important parts of your nightly cleaning routine. This is a good way to extend the life of your air filters. It also makes your kitchen look better.
  6. Take the time to soak your filters. Cleaning the air filters can be a painful job but it does not have to be. If you have your staff soak them every night, you can cut down on the work. Every night, have your people put some dish soap in the sink and then fill it with hot water. Put your air filters in the sink so that they are resting on their fins and leave them overnight. The morning crew should rinse them off and put them back. This will make them more effective and efficient and keep them operating correctly for longer.
  7. Clean the hood every night. You need to get any grease or oil (and dust and dirt) off of your hood every night. You make it look better and reduce your chances of having a dangerous fire. A greasy and oily hood is just an invitation to a fire.
  8. Pay attention to your fan motor. If you notice your PenBarry fan is running slower, the cause can be a problem with your bearings. When they are exposed to grease, heat and the humidity that is often present in restaurant kitchens, they can get to the point where they need replacing. Any changes in your motor speed can be caused by problems with your blower wheel. Of course, if you check the blower and bearings and you still have issues, it may just be that the motor needs to be replaced.
  9. When you need repairs, do not put them off. Your exhaust fan is an important part of your kitchen. If you have problems that need to be repaired, that needs to be taken care of right away.

Dealing with your exhaust fans may not be the most fun part of running a restaurant but is an important part of the business.



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