Advantages of Portable Buildings for Church or School Settings

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Portable buildings are made out of modular buildings and are created with the intention of a temporary structure. They are used in different industries, but most commonly in schools and churches. They are extremely beneficial to these businesses, almost acting as a part of the traditional building. Portable buildings for sale may be used in the following situations.

Overflow of students or worshippers
There are some situations that cause an overflow of students or worshippers. For example, student visit days often produce a crowded campus. Students may not have enough room to eat lunch in the lunch room. There may not be enough desks for the visiting students in each of the classrooms. In a church setting, special worship days, like Christmas or Easter can lead to an overcrowded church. In these events, portable buildings for sale may be purchased and placed next to the building. When overflows occur, the additional students or worshipers are moved into the temporary building.

Cost effective solution to overcrowding
Portable buildings for sale are a cost effective solution to overcrowding. It would be expensive and pointless to build an addition to the building for temporary overcrowding problems. Churches already pay a high amount for their buildings. Buildings comprise the second largest area of expense for churches. A permanent building comes with an array of ongoing and hidden cots. There is maintenance, repairs, cleaning, electricity, internet, phone, and security services. Together, these costs can comprise between 30 to 40% of a church?s budget. Schools often have many of these same costs, yet the costs are passed onto the city taxpayer.

Quick solution to overcrowding
Portable buildings for sale are also one of the quickest solutions to overcrowding. It could take months, even years, to construct a new building that is permanent. The overwhelming reason to use portable classrooms was speed of delivery (35%) followed by shifting enrollments (26%) and the relatively inexpensive nature of the classrooms (25%). The initial cost of a portable classroom was found to be between 26% and 77% of the cost of a site build classroom addition. These reduced costs are much more affordable to schools and churches, both industries that are often looking for budget cuts.

Similar to permanent buildings
When a portable building company creates a temporary building for overcrowding, you will find that the portable building is of extremely high quality. Not only do they have the potential for electricity and other utilities, but they also can be easily moved and secured directly to the permanent building on site. Some of these temporary buildings may even last longer, with fewer updates and repairs, than the permanent side of the building. Finally, the construction process is similar to that of a traditional building, except that a portable building can be constructed and transported much quicker.

Minimal maintenance and upkeep
Leaving a traditional and permanent building with no maintenance and upkeep can cause mechanical and structural problems. However, leaving a portable building not maintained does not usually cause many problems. This is a great option for those types of businesses that only require the portable building usage a couple of times a year. The portable building can simply be left unattended, until it is needed for overcrowding issues.

Churches and schools sometimes face overcrowding problems. A drastic fluctuation in student enrollment and church goers can make it difficult to estimate proper sizing needs. Portable buildings for sale, however, can easily and quickly solve this problem. The portable buildings for sale are constructed similarly to a regular building, but require less maintenance, are more cost effective, and can be delivered in a quick speed. Consider adding a portable building to your permanent building for attendant fluctuation problems.

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