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Air conditioners and air conditioning systems were, at one time, a luxury that very few people or families were able to afford. These days, however, because of energy efficient components coupled with cost effectiveness, air conditioning and cooling is more easily attainable for many who could not even consider owning or installing these types of systems before.

Nowadays HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, is often a package deal. Many homes are built with equipment and wiring already in place for central heating as well as central air conditioning. Owners of older homes that were not built already equipped for this type of system can often enlist the services of a local heating and cooling company to do the installation at a reasonable cost.

Fortunately, the heating and cooling company that installs the system will also be trained and experienced at air conditioning repair as well as heating and furnace repair. It is suggested that the filters of an HVAC system be changed about every one to three months. HVAC services will set up a maintenance schedule to come and change the filters and check on other components of the systems at the same time to be sure everything is working properly. They will be able to spot any glitches in the system right away and will perform any necessary air conditioning repair or heating repair services needed, before the problem becomes a major headache for the homeowner or business owner.

Many people will find that they are losing thousands of dollars worth of energy through the windows and roofs of their homes because of older windows and older insulation. They will go the distance and spend the money to reinsulate the home in whatever ways necessary in order to be able to save energy and money in the long run. If the home is already equipped with a modern HVAC system and the house is poorly insulated, the home’s energy efficiency could be as much as 30% lower than it should be. This is an indication that new windows, a new roof, new insulation, or all three should be considered. The one time cost of installation for these is worth the savings that the homeowner will realize even within the first couple of years.

When the weather is hot, wherever the customer lives, the last thing they want to happen is a breakdown of their air conditioning system. Having a familiar, local heating and air conditioning service available for air conditioning repair is imperative. Thankfully, at times the problem will simply be a small part that is easily repaired at a low cost. Very often, if regular maintenance has been done on the system, any problems that arise suddenly will not put the system out of use for very long. This is where regular maintenance, again, shows its usefulness. A major problem in the system would most likely show itself before an actual breakdown, and could very well be caught by the HVAC technicians during regular maintenance before it came to the point where costly air conditioning repair would be necessary.

When considering air conditioning installation and repair, there are several points of fact that are important to keep in mind. Most major parts repairs or replacements are typically done on air conditioning systems that are more than five years old. Systems that have not had regular maintenance are 70% more likely to require a complete replacement than are systems that are routinely checked. A major system repair usually costs between $250 and $1000, while a minor repair is typically no more than $150. Replacing the entire system will cost between $2500 and $4500. When looking at these facts and figures, and when considering that routine maintenance on the system can as much as double its life, the decision between regular maintenance and no regular maintenance is a no brainer.

It is important to know that routine maintenance also helps to keep a home’s air quality at its best. It is a fact that many health issues are linked to poor air quality right at home. Keeping the heating and air conditioning system at its cleanest and most efficient performance levels with regular maintenance makes a world of difference for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

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