An Interview with Justin Zawaly of The Business Backer

For seven years, The Business Backer has been helping small businesses get the financing they need in order to grow, improve cash flow, and purchase new equipment. We sat down with the company’s Chief Growth Officer, Justin Zawaly, to learn more about what makes The Business Backer tick.

Mr. Zawaly, in the last seven years, The Business Backer has seen some significant growth. Where do you see the company going in the future?

A year from now we will have doubled in size and will have staked a claim as financers in the consultant space. Five years from now we will be five times larger than we are today, one of the major players in the alternative lending space, and a known entity in our industry. Ten years from now we will have serviced 1 million repeat customers and our name will be synonymous with ethical lending.

Those goals are quite ambitious! What do you think is going to drive that growth?

Our primary method of marketing is through the purchase of leads from a company called Lendio. Those Lendio leads result in live phone calls to business owners looking for funding. If we are unable to reach the business owners, we then follow up with emails. Now that we are working with Paradux Media Group, our marketing channels have increased. We better utilize social media, PPC, SEO, email, and our continued purchase of leads from Lendio.

It sounds like you have a pretty effective marketing system. How are you facilitating growth and improvement internally?

We have roughly 50 employees, and we encourage a very open culture. It is important that each of our employees feels empowered to challenge the current process and is confident to provide a recommendation for how we can do better. At TBB we look for autonomous workers who see their piece of the puzzle as their own small business. We ask the employees to make decisions as if they were the CEO.

The Business Backer is located at 10101 Alliance Road, Suite 140 in Cincinnati, OH. Learn more by visiting or calling (513) 680-9202.

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