Are You Looking for a Buyer to Pay Top Price for Your Tungsten?

Tungsten carbide inserts scrap material

Father knows best.
It sometimes takes a few decades, though, to realize the wisdom as a parent.
When your son talks about the nature of tungsten carbide scrap specialists, you had a brief moment when you remembered a morning in the alley behind your home. At the time your father was not working on tungsten carbide scrap, but he was preparing to sell other kinds of scrap metal. Clear back in the 1970s, your father was already reclaiming and recycling aluminum, copper, and other used products. The fact that he worked on passenger and freight elevator construction sites meant that he saw all kinds of items being thrown into the trash.
Your father got in the habit of gathering up the largest and longest bundles and pieces of this metal and taking it to the one scrap metal purchaser in town. The money your father received was minimal in comparison to the amount of weekend work this required, and he never took anything from a job site without first getting permission, but in his day your father was already recycling, already reclaiming.
It appears that now your father’s oldest grandchild, your son, has followed in those early footsteps. From tungsten drill bits being made from tungsten heavy alloys to the tungsten powder procurement process, your son is involved in an industry that that both recycles and reclaims what some call the most chosen metal.
Consider these facts about the recycling and reuse of tungsten:

  • By definition, composite materials are made of two or more materials that have chemical compositions that are different.
  • Although carbide recycling is increasing, only 66% of all tungsten available is either used in the U.S. or exported for recycling.
  • Discovered 236 years ago in 1781, tungsten was not applied to an industry until 150 years later.
  • Halfway between lead and gold according to stiffness, tungsten carbide is about twice the stiffness of steel and double the density.
  • Tungsten only appears naturally when combined in four major mineral forms with iron, calcium, or manganese.
  • Used for different applications, tungsten carbide items come in more than a dozen different grades.
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Sarah Todd

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