How Temp Agencies Are Helping Job Hunters And Businesses Find Each Other

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If you want to hire the right employee, you need to ask yourself what they’re looking for. Not just a simple way of making money or a stepping stone to something greater, but a place that will help them in every aspect. Businesses that fail to acknowledge this simple fact run the risk of contributing to the financial epidemic that is employee turnover. Costing the American economy $11 billion every single year, this devastating rate is only getting worse for both workers and companies alike. Staffing agencies, however, may just have the answer.

Employee turnover is a term used to describe the rate at which employees prematurely leave their job. The costs of employee turnover can be as low as 30% of an employee’s salary and as high as 150%. As you can imagine, this has left many scr Continue reading

What You Should Know About Home Health Care Liability Insurance

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When you look around, it is quite evident that there is a growing need for home health care in the United States today. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to get older, there are more people in need of health care services in their homes. A lot of people, regardless of their age, prefer to recover in their homes if it can be managed.

This presents a need for new home health care businesses around the country. One of the difficulties that can arise from taking care of people in their homes is the risk that home health care workers take when they venture out, away from a medical facility. If you are starting or have a home health care business, you need to know about home health care liability insurance.

All businesses should have liability insurance, Continue reading

Why Epoxy Flooring Should Be the First Consideration When it Comes to New Flooring

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Many people aren?t aware of it, but having epoxy flooring for freezers and refrigeration is very important, particularly for factories, warehouses, and other businesses that need these types of flooring. One reason why companies would want to have epoxy flooring put down is due to the fact that it can offer protection, since it does not absorb chemicals very easily. It is also tougher when it comes to abrasion, which is important for any floor surface that is going to get used on a daily basis. Here are three ways an epoxy flooring company can help make life better and protect warehouse and factory floors.

The Floors Can Ge Continue reading

What Documents Can I Shred And What Do I Need To Keep?

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Document shredding is important for keeping your office space clean, preventing work accidents and injuries, and preventing office fires from spreading. However, it’s also incredibly important for keeping your business safe from identity theft.

Identity theft is most often considered an online crime what with technology advancing so quickly these days and so much information being available in one place. However, only 10% of identity theft cases involve online exchanges. The grand majority of identity theft cases transpire through the theft of physical documentation.

Documents that include important information including credit card numbers, bank statements, birth records, medical records, etc, can easily fall into the wrong hands if thrown away whole or left shredded and unattended. However, it ca Continue reading

The Grim Effects of Throwing Away Old Clothing

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Everybody has clothing, and some have an abundance of them. A full closet seems nice, but there’s a good chance you are not wearing everything in there. When people realize this and get to cleaning, their first thought may be to put the little worn articles into storage, or even in the trash. This is a grave mistake many people make, especially when there are so many people in need out there. Why throw away perfectly good clothing when you can easily take them to a charity clothing drop off location?

Many people overthink the clothing drop off process, or even don’t think much of it at all. Educating yourself about the process of clothing donations is a great way to clear up any misconceptio Continue reading

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

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One of the quickest ways a company will fail is on the front lines. It is always a great mystery when a company does everything it can to find the best location, the best products to sell, and still does not know why it cannot succeed. The reason a great number of companies fail to stay in business is poor customer service.

If your customer service is poor, no one will buy what you are selling. If you have the top-end products, you might stick around for a while based solely on the products themselves, but even that honeymoon will end in time and you will be packing up what’s left and moving on to something new. Here are three ways to improve your company’s customer service reputation and save your business from ruin.

1.) Hire better people.

You might be under the impression that de Continue reading

How Your Food Service Business Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

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Are you a business owner in the food service industry who is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of business owners just like you are trying to do their part to make sure our planet is healthy for as long as it can be. One of the ways you can do this is to consider using green packaging whether you sell your product on a shelf or pack up meals for customers at the end of their dining experience. Below are a few green packaging products that are easy to transition to and can really help the environment:

1. Reusable Clamshell Packaging – If your business uses clamshell packaging solutions then you probably Continue reading

How Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Proven To Prevent Injury And Save Lives Every Day

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Property management is an around-the-clock business. The responsibility of taking care of dozens, even hundreds, of people on a regular basis means attending to every major and minor need. Fire protection, however, is unique in that the smallest spark can become the largest problem before you can even blink. With apartments, condos and hotels some of the locations with the highest risk of a high-rise fire, it’s imperative you get your fire sprinkler services checked routinely. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Property Damage

Taking care of your property means not just finding solutions to already existing damage, but going the extra mile to take preventative measures. There are four property classes, as stated above, that account for half of all high Continue reading

4 Interesting Facts about Printed Circuit Boards and Their Importance to Technology

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Circuit boards are essential to most electronic components. Whether you?re trying to use a television, a radio, a computer, or some other technological device, it?s likely that there is a prototype circuit board somewhere in the device. That?s because a circuit board is how these devices are supported mechanically and electronically. If you?re interested in learning more about prototype pcb assembly or how prototype pcb manufacturing works, keep reading.

4 Interesting Tidbits about Prototype PCB Manufacturing

1. The market is growing rapidly

The printed circuit board market is rapidly growing across the globe. Not only is it having much success currently, but also statistics show that this is ex Continue reading

Top 3 Ways to Increase Worker Safety


Many jobs are dangerous, but injury or illness in the work place has decreased. In 1972 10.9 out of every 100 people had a workplace injury or illness. In 2011, that number had decreased to 3.4 out of every 100 people. That large drop is largely due to increased regulations and better equipment. Better rigging supplies and rigging equipment combined with OSHA fall protection training have increased worker safety on some of the most dangerous jobs. Here’s 3 ways to increase worker safety.

1. Plan, provide, train. OSHA recommends these three steps when preparing a new worksite. Since accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, the proper protections against them must be in place. Rigging equipment, including Dayton, Continue reading