Co Working Spaces Can Give You That Perfect First Office for Your New Business

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If you have a wonderful idea, and would like to translate that into a thriving, flourishing business, one of the most important parts of this process is actually the part of turning your idea into a living entity. Starting a business is by no means an easy task, as there are a number of hurdles to cross and a number of factors that you need to keep in mind at all times. Financial considerations, considerations regarding the best way to incorporate and initiate your business, regarding the right people to work with, and the right space to work out of are all important parts of the startup process, and you need to get things spot on in every aspect if you really want to give your business that perfect start that it deserves.

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How To Keep Yourself From Slipping A Disc When You Lift Heavy Furniture

self storageThe everyday American moves up to 12 times throughout their life. But no matter how many times you have moved, moving day often brings out the chaotic side of us. That is why it’s important to ensure that no one goes crazy when it comes to lifting furniture out of your self storage unit or moving truck. It’s all too easy to let your Uncle Steve convince you that he can “totally carry the futon.” Don’t believe him.

Creating a one-man team when lifting any kind of heavy furniture (whether it’s in or out of self storage units) is a recipe for disaster. Also, spinal injuries. So to keep you, your friends, and your family safe during your next big move, follow these safety tips to lifting your heavy furniture in order to keep everyone’s discs from slipping.

Have a game plan
Moving requires a lot of planning. That shouldn’t stop once everything is packed up into a self storage unit and your furniture is ready to roll out. Be sure to plan ahead of time who is lifting what and where it is you plan on moving it. Is your furniture going to the new house? Into a moving truck rental? Into public storage? Know ahead of time what to do with your furniture. That way everyone will have a heavy-lifting buddy to keep them from getting too adventurous.

Additionally, have your clothes set out the day before the big move so you’re not likely to slide on a pair of flip flops. Clothes that work best for couch lifting include:

  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Jeans or leggings
  • Shorts
  • Non-loose shirts

Loose-fitted clothing can easily snag on door handles or sharp corners, which can cause you to slip, trip, or fall. Likewise, flip-flops are death traps when you’re not on the beach. The last story you want to have behind a broken ankle is that you tripped in a flip-flop. Be well-prepared for heavy lifting and set aside your clothes and footwear the night before.

Have the proper form
Having someone to help you lift heavy furniture doesn’t really help your back if neither of you knows how to lift with proper form. “Lift with your legs” is a common expression. It’s because when you lift something heavy without thinking, the stress you put on your spine can be too great and may cause your discs to pinch your nerve endings. This is also known as a slipped disc, and it can be incredibly painful.

Before you lift, widen your legs a little and tense the muscles in your thighs and calves. Then, lift the heavy furniture using those muscles. This allows your back muscles to be used as a secondary source of strength, which puts less pressure on your spinal cord.

Moving heavy furniture can be dangerous when you’re not prepared for it. Before a big move, always have a strategy involving multiple people, the right clothes, and the proper form. That way, when you put furniture in or out of your secure storage facility you won’t really break a leg.

Easy Money How Does a Hard Money Loan Work For Borrowers Like You?

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In the world of finance, “easy money” is a concept that’s met with a great deal of concern and skepticism. In fact, many financial gambles and gimmicks that promise fast, easy money turn out to be a long term expense. Do hard money loans fall into that category?

How does a hard money loan work in the first place?

A hard money loan refers to a way of borrowing money without using traditional banks or mortgage lenders. It’s an asset-based loan that borrowers secure by offering up the value of property as collateral to individuals and private lenders. Although hard money loans can be used for just about anything, they’re especially popular in real estate.

How does a hard money loan work when time is of the essence?

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Direct Mail or Digital Marketing Campaigns Which Provides a Greater Return on Your Investment

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Are you looking for digital printing and other types of printing services such as direct mail postcards? You may be interested to know that 92% of shoppers state that they prefer direct mail to other types of advertising. In fact, 39% of customers that participated in a recent survey indicated that they explored what a business had to offer due to receiving direct-mail advertising.

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Four Characteristics of a Good Packaging Design

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There are a lot of steps involved in the business process from design to the store shelf. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, processes is the package design. According to a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study, about 26% of respondents said that the packaging of a product is extremely important to their overall satisfaction, which is up from 18% in 2013. If you are currently in the process of deciding on or designing packaging for your product, you will want to keep the following important characteristics in mind.

The functionality of the package
Of course, a product’s package needs to make sense. Patented packaging is usually designed and Continue reading

The Best Times of Year to Make Clothing Donations

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Most people understand the importance of donating. Yet, the year goes on, and you forget or never find the time to do so. You also might wonder when the best time is to donate. Although any time of year is a good time to give to those in need, these specific times are especially useful and beneficial.

At the beginning of the year
The holidays tend to encourage people to donate. About 43% (42.7%) of those surveyed gave more during the holidays than the rest of the year. About 44.4% reported giving about the same. Either way, donations tend to fall off significantly immediately after the holiday season. Yet, people are still in need. January brings colder weather and winter clothing donations are still needed. If you are wondering when to donate clothes, this peri Continue reading

The Real Deal Are Engineered Stone Countertops Better Than Granite?

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If you’re planning a kitchen or bath renovation, you’ll eventually reach a point in which you have to decide what kind of countertop you’d like: engineered stone for sale or natural stone slabs for sale?

One material isn’t necessarily better than the other, but engineered stone and granite have distinctly different properties. Having an understand of what these key differences are can help you choose a material that best suits your needs.

Is one more “natural” than the other?

Also referred to as quartz, engineered stone countertops are made from quart crystals blended with color pigments and bound together with a polymer or resin. So w Continue reading

Portable Cabins and Other Structures for Your Expansion Needs

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When you are looking for a space to rent or buy for a specific purpose, it can be difficult to find something that meets all of the desired qualifications. Finding a place that has the right capacity for the number of people that you are planning on accommodating is one matter, but finding that perfectly sized space in the right location can be the tricky part.

What many people are coming to find is that when you begin to run out of room, it can often be easier to find a way to build on to an existing space rather than relocate entirely, especially if you are already well adjusted to the original space for its set purpose. Whether you are looking to modify or expand a school, church, business, or personal space, your answer just might lie in the industry of portable buildings.

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Are You a Small Business Owner Looking for Someone to Take Care of Your Billing and Payroll Services?


There are many things that you love about owning your own business. You love the product that you manufacture and sell. You love hiring the best employees for the openings that you have. You love the process of training these new employees and making sure that they are comfortable with the tasks that they are asked to perform. The one thing that you do not love, however, is the billing and payroll processes. In fact, you would probably go so far as to say that you hate those two parts of the job. For this reason, you decided several years ago that it would be a good idea outsource the billing and payroll services for your company.
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Vibratory Screeners 101


Vibratory screeners are a big investment, so it’s important to know that your mechanical separation operation will be able to continue to meet production goals. The common uses, benefits, and maintenance requirements for vibratory screeners are important factors to consider. With that in mind, here are a few things to know about vibratiory screeners.

Common Uses

While the most common use of vibratory screening is the separation of a variety of materials, here are a few other uses:

  • Sizing plastic pellets
  • Classifying collections of materials or chemicals
  • Separating material for recycling
  • Dewatering mined minerals


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