Price Tag Holders for Retail Shelving

Metal free standing sign holders

Creating and maintaining the proper relationship between your business and its clients is absolutely essential, regardless of industry. Customers can relate to and tend to respect transparency with prices and policies with any given business. One way to communicate your business?s product prices and other inventory information is through the strategic use of price tag holders on your shelving.

Price tag or price label holders are intended to be used in tandem with a number of shelving styles and custom retail displays for maximum ease of use and changeability. No matter what type of business you run, price label holders can help optimize customer convenience and satisfaction by keeping your company?s merchandise and its prices easy to read and understand. Just as importantly, they can hel Continue reading

Electronic Document Management Saves Time and Money

Rapid city print management solutions

For a long time, paper use was a necessity of life. We used it in our personal lives and, of course, in our professional ones. From faxes to contracts, we used paper. With the advent of new technology, however, paper use is decreasing more and more. Document management services can help to keep track of and manage what was once only available in paper hard copy form.

Document management services can scan a paper document into an electronic document and help to organize documents efficiently in a way that was not possible before. So why make the switch?

First of all, it decreases waste considerably. One individual office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper a year, not even accounting for other office supplies. Continue reading

This Is the Season for Lots of Cleaning!

Office cleaning services

As the majority of companies in the nation plan to shut down for an either three or four day weekend, the country’s cleaning janitorial services are getting ready to kick into high action. With a number of days without workers present, cleaning janitorial services take advantage of this time to complete major projects. From whole warehouse cleaning to cleaning and resurfacing all of the floors in one certain area of a large plant, commercial cleaning contractors are often the busiest when the rest of the nation’s work force is not.
A growing number of companies make sure that they outsource to cleaning services in oder to make sure that their facilities are well maintained and that their employees remain health Continue reading

Looking Into A New Hobby? Tumbling Drums Can Be Used For Finely Crafted Jewelry, Crafts And More


When in doubt? Upgrade your equipment. This goes for tumbling drums, your food crusher and just about any machine that needs to produce good quality products in a short amount of time. When you spend far too much time tweaking and maintaining your machinery instead of working, you’re wasting valuable money that could be spent elsewhere. Hobbyists, budding brewery owners and curious agriculturalists alike will all benefit from learning more about their tumbling drums and how they can be kept in working order all days of the year.

What are tumbling drums? They’re exactly what they say on the tin. Created out of steel (and occasionally additional materials like vinyl and recycled steel mixtures), they’re u Continue reading

4 Considerations Before Choosing a Telephone Answering Service

After hours call service

It’s is estimated that 79% of clients prefer to interact with companies by phone compared to other options. Meaning that a majority of your customers’ concerns, queries or complaints are handled through phone calls. For a business, every call matters since it gives you a perfect chance to interact, impress and make a client happy. To do this, you need to ensure that you always make a good first impression. This means that you need to hire the best telephone answering service you can get.

Choosing the right answering service, however, is not easy as it seems. How do you tell a service is right for your business? Considering how everyone is self-positioning themselves as the “most reliable” or “excellent” or “professional”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The following tips can help you make an info Continue reading

Understanding the Effectiveness of Proper Retail Merchandising

Price tag holder

As a retail store owner, defining and optimizing your retail space is a critical part of merchandising. When you think about the amount of space you have, keep in mind that walls also cover part of your retail space and it’s important to capitalize on them. Walls are perhaps the most underused space by retailers. You may have 600 square feet of floor space, but when you consider the walls, you have an extra 200 square feet when you incorporate shelving and wall mounted display racks and stands to the walls.

Retail space is like a silent sales agent that has to be coupled with effective visual merchandise techniques to promote and lure customers into purchasing. Here are great tips and product display ideas that can improve your sales significantly.

Tricks of the trade
The first th Continue reading

Smart Business Signage 101 How A Good Location Can Save You Money And Snag You More Customers

Electronic led sign

Signs are like a handshake or a smile. They’re a first impression for your business, the primary way for people to understand what you have to offer among a sea of competition. When your sign is difficult to find, hard to read or visually unappealing? It’s the very definition of a limp wrist or food between your teeth. Marquee signs for schools and electronic signs for business all have the same goal at the end of the day and that’s to get a strong message across the best way possible. Not everyone is well-versed in the art of the sign, so brush up on your own knowledge and make sure you give your establishment a fighting chance at success.

If people can’t find your sign, they can’t find your business or establ Continue reading

3 Reasons Environmental Remediation is Vital


There are many threats that can harm a site. Environmental threats aren’t always easy to notice but can pose serious dangers to both a site and the workers inside of these buildings. Environmental engineering firms work can help provide many services that help clients immensely. One important service is environmental remediation which has to with removing any potential environmental threats from a site. Here are three benefits of hiring the services of an environmental remediation company.

  1. Ability to Offer Multiple Remediation Services

    It’s understandable that not all sites will require complete remediation. Luckily, these services will ensure that your site has the exact evaluations you ne Continue reading

Shipping and Other Transportation Services Play Important Roles in the Nation’s Economy

Tms with load board integrations

The last 10 days leading up to the Christmas holidays are a time when load boards for transportation brokers across the nation are full. With lists of everything from the hottest selling toys to end of the year car productions, load boards help retailers and sales offices keep track of where incoming merchandise is at. Whether you are a manufacturer trying to ship the robotic monkeys that wrap around your finger or the last of the 2017 car models, these are the days when you need to be able to tell your clients when their merchandise will be arriving.
Fortunately, Continue reading

Four Ways to Reduce Household Waste this Holiday Season

Custom plastic bottles

There are a couple of times during the year that recycling rates decrease significantly. The holiday season is one of those times. People are throwing away more food, paper products, and plastics than any other time during the year. Before we get into the busiest part of the holiday season, make sure you are ready to keep pollution to a minimum. Even you and your family can make a difference.

Use recycled paper products

Spending a little bit more on items like gift boxes and wrapping paper can be the difference between using non degradable paper products and paper products that are already recycled. Pay extra attention to these types of products this year as a large amoun Continue reading