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Whether a business is large or small, and, whatever the location, business security systems are an essential part of what makes the company work. Commercial security systems companies are available in every city and town to inspect the premises and give an estimate of what would be involved in installing a business security system, the time frame for installation, and the cost. Business alarm systems are usually easily installed at an affordable price.

Statistics show that of businesses surveyed, one out of seven does have a built in alarm system. In fact, it is believed that by installing a video surveillance systems, businesses reduce the chances of burglaries or break ins by about 67%. Reliable and effective security is provided by many business security systems in a variety of different ways. Some of the features offered by security companies are remote door locks, remote arm and disarm capabilities, email and text alert notifications, secure video, remote mobile and web access, and fast response for theft and burglary, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other business securities systems companies will offer a digital keyboard for fire department and police department, and even a remote thermostat, appliance, and lighting control. Choosing a security system involves decisions and questions that can be answered by representatives from any business security systems provider. A variety of different companies are out there, each one unique in its own way, but also with many of the same features. There are a great many ways to protect a business. It is just a matter of looking at what is available and choosing the one that will fit the needs of the particular business. The security system that would be installed in a warehouse full of merchandise would probably have some differences from an office security system. Whichever system is chosen would need to provide the business with reliable, effective security.

Statistics show that shoplifting accounts for 38% of the disappearance of inventory in any given store, and employee theft accounts for 34.5% of the disappearance of inventory. This fact can be true of large chain stores, malls, or even small businesses. Small businesses and small stores benefit from the installation of monitoring equipment including burglar alarms and intrusion alarms. This type of security provides not only protection against theft, robbery, unauthorized entry, and vandalism, but gives the important element of protection to employees as well.

Another route taken by some business owners is the installation of a home security system at the site of their business. This type of systems provides motion sensors as well as entry sensors that protect against break ins, in addition to heat and smoke detectors for fire protection, and flood sensors. Also included with this system are carbon monoxide detectors and temperature sensors. When an alarm sounds, the security system sends a message by the appropriate signal to dispatch whatever assistance is necessary.

A typical basic security package would include a motion detector, a control panel, and possibly three or four window or door sensors. This is adequate for a small store, or small home; with larger businesses and larger homes, the size of the package will grow to fit the needs of more square footage, larger amount of inventory, and a higher number of employees or residents. Many business security systems providers will have staff that is accessible 24 a day and seven days a week for any questions or problems that could arise with their customers.

When shopping for high quality alarm systems, customers will typically have a lot of questions, especially if this is their first experience having a security system installed at their home or business. Most good security systems installation companies will send a representative to meet with the perspective customer, bringing all pertinent information with them in order to give the customer the most thorough look at what they offer. Representatives will answer questions and explain the different packages available that would best fit the needs of the customer’s home or business. Often a quote will be given right away. Some companies will even offer an online quote, or an estimated price over the phone. Shopping around and asking questions will benefit new customers in every way.

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