Cargo Planes Are Becoming The Most Efficient Way To Ship Products

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There are many ways that products are shipped nowadays. Some methods are door to door transport, while many products, including air and ocean cargo, are shipped via cargo planes. In fact, most products are shipped via cargo planes nowadays, not only nationally, but also internationally. Because of the importance of shipping goods in a timely manner, air cargo services are increasingly becoming the most practical means of transporting cargo. They also play an important role in managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information, services, and even people from point A to point B.

Because cargo planes are so vital to the global economy, the cargo plane, and overall global aviation industry is booming. Just in 2012, the industry transported about $6.4 trillion worth of cargo! In fact, the air cargo industry makes up about 30% of the overall worldwide shipment value. The industry also rakes in a good amount of revenue each year as well. For example, in 2013 the air cargo industry was expected to make about $75.4 billion! So from a financial standpoint, the air cargo industry seems pretty strong, but what are some other benefits to air freight services?

Many people would be surprised to find out that there are actually many benefits to cargo companies and air freight services. For example, they often have better control over the cargo shipping process due to it being more time sensitive than other shipping methods. In many cases, air cargo services offer a decreased risk of damage to products being shipped, which means that they can almost guarantee their customers a higher quality of product delivery. This is aided by the fact that many cargo services to point-to-point transportation, which decreases to travel time and risk of damage to any goods being transported.

Also, because of better security and faster transportation time than traditional door to door transport, overall costs, like those associated with packaging, freight, and labor, are lower than other transportation methods. In terms of perishable goods, air transportation is almost always the go to method of transportation because it’s quicker than other methods.

Door to door service is a thing of the past. For those looking for faster, more efficient means of shipping products, cargo planes, not door to door transport, might be the way to go. They cut delivery time in half and offer better protection to the products being shipped. As an added bonus, many air cargo services support more environmentally friendly packaging methods, like products packaged in recycled boxes and bags. So not only is the air cargo industry booming and growing, but it cares about the environment. The list of reasons to ship products via cargo planes just keeps growing.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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