Facts About HSK Tool Holders

High feed cutters

The use of hsk tool holders is not one that has been widely accepted within the U.S. HSK tool holders are hollow tapper shank holders that were first used in Germany. Six types of shanks exist to allow a variety of tool bits to be used with the holder. The holders are used to create better precision with a machine operated tool and prevent grinding. Though the holders are readily available, they do not work with all tools, particularly those made before the HSK tool holders were introduced.

One major difference between HSK holders and other holders such as cat 40 tool holders is, HSK tool holders require more attention to cleaning in order to avoid wear or damage. Users of HSK tool holders are required to have their own gaging systems in order to keep up with maintenance. All users must be properly educated in the usage, care and maintenance of the HSK tool holders to ensure the best results.

This type of tool holder is also usually sold unbalanced, for a more precise tool, buyers must request the holder to be balanced before ordering, unless they have the proper technology to do so on their own. Balancing the holder can greatly affect the precision of the job at hand, depending on what is necessary. However, the user must then monitor the holder and intervene when necessary to adjust it. The required maintenance is among the reasons this type of holder has not become as widely used as other holders, though the product is extremely useful for many jobs.

HSK tool holders can assist with a variety of bits including ball end mill. Precision cutting tools and aluminum cutters may also be used with hsk tool holders. The holders are also not required when using the bits, but they typically make the process run smoother. Tool holders can be used for anything from standard machine work to complex, precision drilling and cutting.
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