Why Digital Signs for Schools and Businesses Attract Attention

Outdoor school signs

Unlike advertising, LED signs are viewed as information rather than persuasion. Widely used by businesses, schools and churches to inform passers-by of important events and happenings, they provoke interest rather than annoyance. Perhaps it’s their practical, non-intrusive nature, but for whatever reason, outdoor led signs like digital signs for schools attract attention and serve a number of purposes. They let people know you’re there, they share important information, and they attract walk-ins.

Signs help people to find you
Signs let people know you’re there. Digital signs for businesses, schools and churches aren’t viewed as advertising, but they work to attract attention and bring i Continue reading

How Many Signs Do You Think You Read in a Single Day?

Scrolling marquee signs

I Think I Love You!
Starring Chris and Anita
The black two-foot tall letters centers on the marquee signs of the downtown Opera House announced the evening?s coming attraction. After a 4:00 pm wedding at the largest Lutheran church in town, the newly married couple, along with their family and friends, would move to the Opera House for their dinner, reception, and dance. Eleven months earlier, the same marquee sign helped the soon-to-be groom announce propose to his soon-to-be bride.
Marquee Signs Help Your Message Have Impact
Church marquee si Continue reading