Prevent Credit Card Fraud with These Tips

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People love to pay for things with a credit card. In April 2013, it was esitmated that there were at least 278 million Visa cards in the United States alone and about 522 million on the planet. That same year people in the U.S. spent $4.6 trillion with debit and credit cards (total spending was $8.6 trillion). If you want your business to thrive, not taking credit cards is not an option. One problem they create, however is the opportuntity to defraud companies. Credit card fraud costs businesses, credit card companies and other millions of dollars each year. In 2014, this kind of fraud cost the U.S. economy $16.31 billion, this represents a 19% increase from 2013. Some sales are harder to monitor than others, the card not present transaction is one of them. Merchants do have ways to prevent credit card fraud f Continue reading