Top Five Tips For Donating Clothes To Your Local Charity

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When’s the last time you donated to charity? Do you find yourself wondering how you can give back to your community every time you find yourself saddled with items or clothes you don’t want? Donations of clothing are a wonderful way of giving your life a boost as well as helping others. You can clean up landfills, help out people in need and even give your tax write-off something to look forward to. The best part? All it takes is a little thought and consideration when you dig through your drawers and look for clothes that don’t don’t suit you or don’t fit you anymore. Take these five tips with you next time you reach out to charity clothing donations.

Make Sure They’re Gently Used

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5 Reasons You Should Consider Donating Your Gently Used Clothing

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Donating clothing to charity can not only be an act of selflessness, it can help others in ways you can’t even imagine. Cleaning your room or storage facility out might seem like a hassle, but those clothes might be better off in different hands.
Charitable donations are extremely important for a variety of reasons, but donating clothing to charity is especially so. Here are five reasons you should consider donating your old clothing to charity.
Help Those Who Can’t Afford Clothes
By donating your old, gently used clothing to charity, you’re in turn helping people who can’t afford clothing at normal retail prices. These clothes will go to different locations that offer free or ex Continue reading