When Was Your Last Employee Safety Training Session?

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How safe do you feel when you work? Do you feel your employer does everything possible to make sure that you are properly trained and carefully protected when you are on the job? Hopefully, the answers to both of those questions is yes. In fact, an entire industry is centered around making sure that workers are well protected when they are on the job. From providing training in fall protection to making sure that the right kinds of wire rope slings are used, companies provide both equipment and training to make sure that workplaces are safe and productive at the same time.
In some small companies, one or two people on staff may serve double roles, from making sure that the proper safety equipment is both available and in working order and ensuring that all workers are properly trained in any of th Continue reading

Reasons Your Business Should Offer Fall Protection Courses

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Owning a business in the construction niche can be a difficult task. There are so many things you need to make sure that you are ensuring with the safety of your workers. On top of that, you have to run the logistics end and it can just be a battle. But it’s important to get your business started right by ensuring that you are offering your employees fall protection courses to ensure their own safety and to ensure the safety of your current insurance premiums. Here are the top reasons having OSHA fall protection is an important part of your business structure.

Fall Protection Courses Can Ensure Your Workers Safety

Above all other reasons, this is definitely the top reason. You want to make your employees feel like they are safe and covered when they are working. The worse t Continue reading