8 Tips for a Great Recruitment Stategy

Sales career opportunities

Are you looking to hire new staff? It is a hard but important job and can impact your company’s bottom line. The wrong decision could be costly. It has been estimated that in sales jobs, getting the wrong person can cost you between six and ten times what you would pay them in the first year. Here are tips from recruitment experts to nail the hiring process.

Decide what you need. What will the person’s duties be and what skill set do they need to handle the job. What do you want in the new hire? This is a critical step in finding the right staff for your company. When you know what you want, you can draft the right job description, you will will att Continue reading

5 Skills You Need to Have to Sell Products and Services Effectively and Well

Sales prospecting techniques

Although the days of the traveling salesman and door to door marketing are gone for the most part — at least among bigger corporations — sales career opportunities abound. Businesses always need good sales people and there are whole sales recruitment firms dedicated to hiring and finding the best people available. Personal contact is one of the most important aspects about founding a business, encouraging relationships that grow and flourish between a business and their consumers, and helping the business flourish in the first place. Salespeople are the first line of business in that sense — they hear the customer’s needs, concerns, and desires, and find a way to match what the company offers to that customer. Continue reading