What Are The Most Common Sources Of High-Rise Fires And How Can They Be Prevented?

Fire alarm inspections

It can be startling to accept that some of the most deadly hazards known to humanity are right under our own nose. Acknowledgement, however, is the first step on the road to a safe future. Fire alarm services are our barrier between a secure environment and a situation out of our control. Is your apartment complex, motel or warehouse safe? Even areas that are less likely to see a high-rise fire still need to take precautions to make sure customers and workers alike are kept out of harm’s way. With technology making it easier than ever to identify a potential fire and alert the right people, there’s no excuse not to reach out.

High Risk Locations

Does your place of business have a higher-than-average risk of succumbing to a fire? It’s important to be aware of high risk loca Continue reading