How Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Proven To Prevent Injury And Save Lives Every Day

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Property management is an around-the-clock business. The responsibility of taking care of dozens, even hundreds, of people on a regular basis means attending to every major and minor need. Fire protection, however, is unique in that the smallest spark can become the largest problem before you can even blink. With apartments, condos and hotels some of the locations with the highest risk of a high-rise fire, it’s imperative you get your fire sprinkler services checked routinely. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Property Damage

Taking care of your property means not just finding solutions to already existing damage, but going the extra mile to take preventative measures. There are four property classes, as stated above, that account for half of all high Continue reading

Even A Simple Spark Can Start A Fire Tips On Staying Safe

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Have you had your fire sprinkler system checked recently? Fire hazards are numerous and complex disasters, with something as simple as a misplaced spark or faulty wiring capable of causing major damage to both people and the environment. A fire alarm contractor is a trained professional who can both inspect as well as install everything from commercial fire alarms to new sprinkler systems in your work or home area of choice, alongside providing tips on safety and maintenance throughout the year. Below is some simple information on the ins and outs of a fire sprinkler system, the difference between a fire alarm and sprinkler and how a little extra protection ca Continue reading